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The ARTIST brand and the artist ANNE GÉRARD seen from the inside

Artist set the scene for his latest theme COULEUR PURPLE at Anne GÉRARD which revisits everyday life with strong pencil and brush strokes.

The brand and the artist are reissuing a collaboration where their complementary energies merge for the second time.

 Fall 2022 had already succeeded for many of you with a collection full of character “Barocco.

Right away, the not-to-be-missed session from June 14 to 23, will herald a return to school shrouded in mystery and temptation.


This second work taken from the intimate series painted by ANNE GÉRARDInteriors” promises a expressive wardrobe, a deeply purple September whose shadow invites light.

 A fascinating designer, excellent colorist, the visual artist cheerfully manipulates all substrates (paper, molds, objects, etc.), skillfully juggling between classic mastery and cheeky side steps.


Here, the painting invites you to a festive table, to capture in a few bursts of life and art mixed together a place and a time of intimacy.

 ARTIST saw the correlation between this interior scene, clothing fashion and decoration trends. Curtain and wallpaper, tableware, all this cozy atmosphere guided towards comfortable silhouettes in a purplish atmosphere with a vibrant personality.

 In this powerful tone, the exclusive prints emerged, either faithfully clinging to the sharp details, or in compositions reinterpreted by the Studio BF, figurative and which slide in touches skillfully distilled towards abstraction.

 How can we not see the parallel with the remarkable know-how that Anne has, combined with her equally rare “undoing” knowledge.


By trying to forget what she knows how to do, the artist approaches a canvas in principle using a precise and methodical work protocol, paradoxically leaving pride of place to happy improvisation. Its characteristic effects of recovery and erasure mark the collision between its initial intention and the unforeseen event it provokes.

Keep the “accidents”, especially don’t cover them up. Highlight the impression of sloppyness, partially preserve the unpredictable. The forced imbalance of this hazardous operation creates touches of shadows, disappearances, but also appearances!

After the surprise effect, she reworks everything with colored pencils, felt-tip pens, washes, inks, paint or juice. In her finishes, she blends certain shades to enhance others, right down to the last touch when she no longer has any doubts.

She draws things from the world around her, appearances, the tiny, the almost nothing, to move towards a poetry of the banal with sometimes a slightly offbeat humorous tone.

In the imagination of ANNE GÉRARD, we often connect to memories, we leaf through a catalog of our traces. His painting thus evokes familiar and secret sensations linked to memory.

Everything that underlies his art is linked to ambivalence and contradiction, the opposition of knowledge and ignorance, of the important and the trivial. The fluidity of the paint spread on purpose contradicts the pattern in its details as well as in its entirety, through a play of transfers, due to predictable reactions or on the contrary by the fruits of chance, systematically invited into Anne's artistic approach.

The relationship with time is found in the opposition of his slow or fast techniques, which collide in the same painting. He continues his work in never-ending series, sometimes repeated years later. A concept, an idea of ​​variation, of parallel stories, of transience confronted with patience.

Convinced by its non-conformism, enter the harvest season like this COLOR PURPLEcollection. A shade, which has become popular thanks to its versatility, and which invites you to take a break. Isn’t that what you like about ARTIST, shaking up your habits?



Group exhibitions (Selection)


Oh! Oh! Oh! Online expo.

Here is summer, the 109, Nice.

1 m distance, Eva Vautier gallery, Nice.



Nopoto, Patrick Frega workshop, Nice.


Solo exhibitions


Flowers and mending, Galerie G, La Garde, France


Interiors Day, at Lola Gassin, Nice, France


Graduated from the National School of Art – Villa Arson – Nice

Plastic arts teacher in Nice.
She is also the author of texts and illustrations, a children's album and three children's books at Éditions Ricochet.

“The Movement of the Clouds” is his first novel. (Éditions Bélem - 2004)

Exhibits regularly in his region and throughout France.


Galerie LOLA GASSIN – 49 rue Ml Joffre – 06 Nice – info@galerielolagassin.com



To follow on FB and Instagram: annegerard06


Video, interview and articles between June 3 and 10, 2022 on Artist's digital magazine.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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