The puffer jackets ARTIST, long sleeves, sleeveless, hooded are the key printed models of the session just past. Of ice and colors » designed in collaboration with the artist Claire de Chavagnac-Brugnon.

Invitation to daydreaming or laziness? We visualize “ cotton wool » like a cotton ball, a sheet of poetic fog, a mobile in the shape of a cottony cloud. A tune plays on a loop in our memories, a song from the mid-80s. It is similar to cocooning and translates the notion of comfort and protection. It embodies softness and makes you want to curl up.

“…Dawn dissected the sky whose low spreading clouds…revealed the fleece…” (Blaise Cendrars, excerpt) The Cut Hand, 1946, Folio, p. 92

Wadding: What is it?

A wad of textile material prepared to fill the linings of clothing, mattresses, seats, etc. In cotton, in artificial or synthetic microfibers, it has multiple uses. Also made of cellulose, nowadays it is used in construction for the insulation of attics and floors.

As ARTIST often likes to do it, the brand is used to talk about behind the scenes of the profession. To cushion the coming winter, with your hands stuffed warm in the pockets of your divine colorful parka, our two favorite stylists have prepared a technical focus on cotton wool.

When it came to padding, Brigitte and François didn't skimp and did things big. As usual you might say! They obtained their supplies from one of the leading French manufacturers in Europe. The society PEG located in Seine maritime (76), has been weaving its history for more than 150 years. Avant-garde, the founding grandfather was already collecting old blankets to recycle them. Three generations already, all obsessed with the technological advantages of materials and comfort. New machines, research and development, mastery of techniques and transformation, know-how, innovation up to tailor-made. Investments continue to attract and convince a wide range of sectors: Clothing (sport and sportswear, PAP, haute couture, work and protective clothing), furniture, housing, bedding, automobiles, etc.

Committed to the preservation of environmental resources, the family business has several labels including Oeko-Tex and produces in compliance with strict standards. Regularly cited as an example for its action in this area, it promotes the use of recycled materials and has implemented a sustainable development approach which is part of a circular economy system.

Thermolite range has attracted ARTIST who found there an exceptional insulator against the cold. High-end product to provide you with warmth and breathability, ideally of high quality and comparable to down. Except that in his selections, ARTIST has given up on it for a long time (just like fur), for obvious reasons of ecological bias and animal welfare.

At the factory, this polyester fiber undergoes several passes through different machines that could be compared to large combs. The fiber wads are then spread out in layers, in mattresses. Then put under press to crush the material. In the next step, small needles penetrate the fiber and mix it to obtain a “non-woven” fabric, a veil of agglomerated fibers, a fleecy fabric of variable thickness.

The down jackets ARTIST presented during the session at the end of September 2022 are made with a double layer. The body of the garment therefore contains 2 X 100 gr of wadding, which represents significant protection. More good news: the light, fluffy and warm lining will not move because it is sewn on all interior seams. Small gestures or big movements, move honestly! Excellent hold even when washing since it is machine washable. Fabulous!

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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