The artist of collection #08

Florence Nérisson's voice is natural, cheerful, sincere like her painting. For a long time she considered this collaboration with Artist. Instinctively, by appetite, all the arts, all other creative people intrigue him and cause bubbles of oxygen. All it takes is one bright encounter to sense other horizons, vary the media, multiply the messages.

From her adolescence, Florence has retained her taste for fashion. A colorist at heart, a common point that connects the painter to the Artist brand, she rubs shoulders with the subtlety of colors, the mastery required by the chromatic palette. She knows - oh how much - the importance of matter. For her art, she does not compromise: since her beginnings, the canvas has remained in linen for its grain. She also needs to touch, caress, smell. We hear all this affinity that brings her closer to the style team. With François and Brigitte, it clicked! The experience is stimulating. Impatience is building, eager to discover their reinterpretation of his floral canvas. She imagines an elegant fluidity... Suspense! We'll just slip in one clue, the name of the brand new collection: “Botania”.

Produced on the threshold of confinement 1 in 2020, this punchy work bursts with vitality. A year ago, circumstances obliged, Florence Nérisson burst the screen of her canvas to find a way out, to let the light pass through, to quench her thirst for the marvelous. From childhood, it was thanks to her mother, a drawing teacher and painter, that the girl began painting. Its first aesthetic shock comes from these roots. Even today this tender influence infuses all the poetic fiber of this talented naturalist who beautifies our ordinary hours.

A few more days Artist will pause time... Before brandishing patterns, revealing energizing shades and drawing you into a crazy desire for spring. The next session from February 19 to 28, 2021: jubilation! A cry of joy! Without forgetting a magnificent birthday to Florence Nérisson that the whole team embraces from the bottom of their hearts.

In 2021, the works of Florence Nérisson will be exhibited in Paris at Amélie Maison d’Art –; in Namur (Belgium) Galerie Rive Gauche and online

Florence Nérisson, born in 1961 in St Maur des Fossés – France, lives and works in Paris.


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • pautard

    Est il envisageable d’acquérir du métrage de ces tissus?

  • Sauvy Claudine

    Très belle toile. J’imagine déjà les jolis modèles que vous allez crées à partir de ce tableau et qui me feront encore craquer. En tout cas, nous ne sommes jamais déçus. Merci pour le masque.
    Claudine Lunel

  • Isabelle De gouvello

    Hâte de me régaler a découvrir comment vous incarnez cette oeuvre dans vos créations

  • Guerra Pereira

    De quoi redonner tout le peps dont on à besoin. Hâte d’enfiler déjà un de ces beaux vêtements.

  • Martine

    Très joli, inspire de la fluidité et de la légèreté. Hâte de voir le résultat.

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