The Artist of the collection #4


ÉRIC ROUX-FONTAINE was born in 1966. He lives in Versailles and pursues a successful international career, particularly in the United States.

Artist Eric Roux Fontaine

Our first meeting took place around ten years ago. We discovered his work in a Parisian exhibition and were amazed. Poetry was omnipresent and its creativity overwhelmed us.

Éric Roux-Fontaine's painting, in addition to its incredible technicality, is an invitation to take us into his magical, fantastic world. Each painting is a request to pack up, forget your obligations to join and immerse yourself in your world.

In front of his paintings, we feel two opposing movements: time, the slowness of the evolution of nature since the dawn of time and the hand of man which registers in haste, eagerness and 'impetuosity. In this match, nature always wins.

We then made contact and met Éric in 2011. We immediately hit it off. Its subjects, themes and interests were also ours.

Whether it was about his work, but also about the Gypsies, the Roma, Tony Gatlif or Titi Robin, everything was exchange and enchantment.

There are encounters that are simple and this one was.

We are particularly happy to be able to once again draw inspiration from one of his paintings for the ARTIST collection. We thank him very much.
Here is the canvas that inspired Artist’s 4th collection:

Artist, collection 4 tableau


 It is represented by the galleries:

  •  Hugo Fine Art Gallery to Miami
  • La Galerie Felli in Paris,
  • Waltman Ortega Gallery to Miami,
  • M fine art in Boston
  • Alain Daudet Gallery in Toulouse
  • The Prince’s Eye in Biarritz


Also, Éric ROUX-FONTAINE has just published a magnificent book: NEVERLANDSCAPE with texts by Jean Paul DELFINO. We strongly recommend it. To obtain it, contact Galerie Felli in Paris:


127, rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris

+33 (0) 1 427 88 127

We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we enjoyed working on this work.


Publié par François Gadrey, Co-fondateur d'Artist La marque.

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