The merits of pre-ordering clothing

Unconditional lover of ARTIST, you have just placed a pre-order and again “Thank you!”. With complete confidence and without hesitation, do you intend to start again in the next session? Tremendous ! We are absolutely delighted with your support for the principle.

You, for whom this is the very first time, allow us to enlighten you on all the good reasons for pre-ordering, to convince you, to reassure you…

The postulate of the founders, Brigitte and François, is based on this deliberate choice, claimed to work for the sustainability of the company. From the moment of purchase, your financing before manufacturing and delivery strongly marks your pledge of confidence. Concretely supported, and able to launch manufacturing very adapted to the right demand, ARTIST is committed to you and will never cease to keep its promise in this alliance.

In fact, by your pre-order, you co-produce your garment. You can be proud of your positive approach, your responsible and caring purchase. As a stakeholder in the ARTIST team, you share our values ​​and the same state of mind.

Our credo? Quality-ethics-fair price ratio.
Our charter? Support a more conscious mode of consumption, limit waste.

Favor reasoned, controlled, sustainable production: only the clothes ordered are produced (including a few limited additional pieces for flexibility of exchanges).

To prove to you that all this is really worth it, we take you behind the scenes at each stage of the making of your garment.

Doing beautiful things and doing them well takes time.

It's so good to live at a different pace, to make the pleasure last...until the long-awaited moment of the treasure in a beautiful personalized collectible box.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Human relationships hold a privileged place at the heart of our collections.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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