The literary club of ARTIST fans

During pre-orders for its very recent “Romance” collection, ARTIST reached out to you through a post on Facebook.

 Taken from the painting “Library” by Isabelle Hervé, this last theme triggered the desire to know a little more about you, the readers of the community ARTISTic. Thank you to all of you who spontaneously participated in this pooling and communicated on a title to share.

So many composite and different ARTIST clothes, so many eclectic and varied literary tastes...

Thanks to this great momentum, enthusiastic by this very nice feedback, ARTIST proposes to establish and run the Literary Club.

This is the most serious thing. The team has taken note of all these enticing titles, taking you at your word to participate in this reading group and bring it to life.

SO ? Shall we exchange exhilarating finds?

Excerpts from this contagious pleasure.

  • Sophie D.: The old man who didn't want to celebrate his birthday by Jonas Jonasson

Driven by his instinct, a resident runs away from his retirement home on his hundredth birthday. All his wanderings during his long life, a run among others which gives rise to a novel within a novel.

And Beirut-sur-seine by Sabyl Ghoussoub

Incisive, poetic and driven by humor full of emotion, a reflection on family, immigration and what remains of our origins. Lebanon for the author.


  • Octavie P.: The Literary Circle of Potato Peeling Lovers by Annie Barrows and Mary Ann Shaffer

January 1946. While London is painfully recovering from the war, Juliet, a young writer, is looking for a subject for her next novel. How could she imagine that a letter from a stranger, a native of the island of Guernsey, would provide it to her?


  • Annie R.: Blizzard of Marie Vingtras

The blizzard is raging in Alaska. At the heart of the storm, a young boy disappears. A frantic race against death then begins, where each person's destiny, faced with the elements, is revealed. With incisive writing, the author focuses on the intimacy of her characters in this
closed house in the middle of nature.



  • Joséphine B.: The Exports of Sonia Devillers

In her first book, the France Inter journalist tells the story of the arrival in France of her mother and her grandparents, Jews... Leaving communist Romania in 1961. She could have said "immigrants" or "refugees". But that would ignore the truth about leaving a country from which no one was supposed to be able to escape. They were “exported”.


  • Bridget BZ.: Would miss me making the face of Victor Rodrigues

Fifty kilos all wet, athlete of life: this is how Victor Rodrigues, condemned to forever bear the label “Cerebral Palsy”, can be summed up in eight words.

Through this book, he offers us the story of an extraordinary journey, animated by an extraordinary vital force.


  • Odile R.: The sewn heart of Carole Martinez

In a village in the south of Spain, a line of women has passed down a mysterious box since the dawn of time... Wonderful writing in the form of a tale. The cruel or comical scenes demonstrate the joy of imagining. The marvelous here fits naturally into the cycle of life.


  • Caroline C.: The books of Sandrine Collette

From poignant novels to formidable thrillers, we are hooked.

Knots of steel, A wind of ashes, Six white ants, Black tears on the earth, Animal, These storms, among others, up to "We were wolves" of rare intensity which questions the man's place in nature, survival, the weight of decisions, father-son love...


Etceux de Cormac McCarthy

No country for old men, Stella Maris, The Passenger, Blood MeridianNon-exhaustive list, without forgetting the famous post-apocalyptic novel “The Road”.


  • Cécile M.: The Slow Waltz of the Turtles by Katherine Pancol

This book is a whirlwind of life... A burning kiss from the only one we shouldn't kiss... Woman who thinks she's leading the dance, but passes her turn... Characters who move forward stubbornly... Like stubborn little turtles... Slowly... In a world too fast, too violent...


  • Nathalie LN.: All the blue in the sky by Melissa Da Costa

“A 26-year-old young man, condemned to a short life expectancy, wishes to set sail for a final journey. Looking for companion to share this last journey”.
A young woman responds to the ad and boards the camper van without any explanation, with only a backpack.



  • Sylvianne B.: The revolt of the colored people by Alexandre Jardin

Boys and girls find themselves alone with their teacher on the island of Deliverance, in the South Pacific. Humiliated by their master, they revolt, tear their clothes and paint their bodies, getting rid of the last adult. They are building a society in total opposition to grown-ups and an inventive civilization where play and the unexpected reign.



Last week, Isabelle HERVÉ, chose for you: The café of time regained by Tochikazu Kawakugchi.

Legend has it that a small Tokyo café offers a unique experience to its customers: traveling to the past... for a cup of coffee.


En ce moment, Brigitte, co-founder of ARTIST lit: Fact Fulness de Hans Rosling

Why is the world better than you think? We believe ourselves to be rational and informed. This is not the case. We systematically make mistakes, whatever our level... Inherited from an ancestral survival instinct, it is the very functioning of our brain that misleads us...


As for François, co-founder of ARTIST, he loved: The crazy allure of Christian Bobin (writer from Le Creusot, recently deceased and whom he knew).

"We must lead a double life in our lives, double blood in our hearts,... Two horses in the same team, each pulling on its own, at crazy speed..." CB.


So, shall we write this new story together?


You send us a favorite, an author, a comment, ... ARTIST publish the selection?


Either way: READ, never stop.


And if literature frees up your time… Click on

The two go well together, but be careful they are completely addictive!

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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