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“My first exhibition took place at the age of thirteen in an empty room in the gendarmerie of Dieulefit, a Provençal village in my native Drôme. My “real” first personal exhibition took place in 1990, in a magnificent vaulted location in Crest (26), at the “Espace Liberté” Gallery. And since then, I have exhibited in Paris, Nice, Vence, Antibes, Switzerland, Sweden and the Nordic countries… ». CC.

The news of this 2021 school year highlights the paintings of Catherine Cazau :

  • first of all Must (Jura), at the chapel of the Pénitents, 


  • Then at Paris within the framework of the 111 des Arts 


We can also admire the work of Catherine Cazau in the galleries :

Visitors can look at his paintings as if they were reading an emotionally charged poem by Baudelaire or Charles Juliet. They are interior universes, spaces of meditation, invitations to an inner journey.

For its part, Catherine Cazau is interested in various forms of art, but his passion is for abstract art and so-called contemporary art in general. Cubism, Dadaism, expressionism, action painting, informal movement, minimal art… And among the painters: Picasso, Miro, Klee, Tàpies, Hartung, Pollock, Fautrier, Dubuffet, De Kooning, Debré, Tal Coat, Schwitters, Soulages, Clavé, Twombly, Alechinsky, …

Her taste leads her to these painting techniques and to the questions that some of these works pose.

“I wish to attract, to draw others into my part of sensitivity. Looking at one of my paintings is like reading a poem full of emotion…” explains us the guest artist from session « ORIGINALLY ". His interest is focused on works that invite man to reflect on his own destiny inhabited by silence, anger, plenitude or suffering. In the same way, writers count for a lot of his inspiration. There is an intimate connection between painting and writing, like a need for words, expressions, extracts of texts. She herself regularly attends and participates in readings. She writes and has previously published in:

-"Palimpsests". Edition Le22, 2014. (Comments on the painting of Catherine Cazau, texts by Catherine Cazau,Caroline Sagot-Duvauroux, Michel Anseaume,Claire Gilson).

- “The finger, the moon or the cardinality”. Text by Unkraut., Edition Les Ennemis de Paterne Berrichon, 2001. (comment on the painting of Catherine Cazau).

- “Maybe this is our story.” Edition Les Ennemis de Paterne Berrichon, 1996. (Text by Catherine Cazau set to music and read on France Culture, show “Words in the Wind”. Directed by Jean Couturier). 

Excerpt: " …The Web is the territory of memory…”

Another excerpt from the text ' Catherine " of Patrick BOUILLANNE :

« Sickhearings, resurgences, dormant memories, assemblages, shapes and colors fighting the conventional.
Between claw and caress, ignoring ignorance.
Colors between the silences, material on the paper, and memory too.
Barely colored grains, borrowed from the desert before returning there.
... The absence of routes envisaged and never taken, engravings of the possible, sketches of the visible and especially the invisible.
The silence of the canvas, the silence of time, the silence of words... Writing with color, engraving with the material, painting with words...
...Living through small pieces of paper, cardboard, silence, memory; large pieces of space, of emptiness, of fullness, of nothing, of everything...".

Painting, literature, writing, architecture is added to these areas of passion. And a beautiful collaborative project has already started this summer 2021. Canvases in dark tones, with a more sober appearance, hang on the walls of the “Basalte Shop” showroom in Saint-Paul-de-Vence (06 Alpes-Maritimes). 

Catherine Cazau is delighted with this collaboration with two young women architects who particularly like his gray, black and earth work, and very rich in materials.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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  • Anonymous

    Quand l’art et l’humain se fondent l’un dans l’autre on découvre Catherine Cazau.
    Jean-Louis Autrans

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