The taste of colors

ARTIST catches the eye, triggers desire, brightens up everyday life. Highly colorful, the Art-à-Porter brand invites you to indulge yourself.

It exists by COLOR! And the desired, loved colors feel good!

 Instinctively, its two co-founders turned into colorists, convinced of its power, its impact, and its life force. They shake up chromatic conventions, design and define their own ranges


Resonance of the clear lights of spring, the bright bursts of summer, the poetic tones of autumn, or even the warm and protective tones of winter.

Guided by elegance, they dare to combine always shimmering prints or plains and create a silhouette full of vibrations.

Studio BF guides the choice of a personalized outfit, that intimate one that reflects the mood of the moment.

ARTIST captures the aesthetics and emotions transmitted by an artist and their work. The brand soaks up and seizes this artistic palette to flood its collection with unique tones.

Very quickly, on the list of synonyms for the concept of clothing, color appeared at the top of the list. Often daring, it catches the eye which recognizes the adventurous signature of this house spirit.

ARTIST knows how to create unique clothes through the diversity of richly colored combinations, all legitimized by the chosen work, its particularism.

ARTIST refers to a strong visual identity and does not go unnoticed. This essential difference, this claimed distinctive sign, unites and attracts, sometimes even lovingly, a public “addicted” to the art of color.

Boosted by the shine of satin, twisted by the reliefs of quilting, shaken by the acidity of a shade, softened by the down of wool, this fireworks floods each of the models.

At ARTISTcolors reflect everything, everywhere, above all. Timeless, they cannot be hidden. Unusual, they dazzle. Brilliant, they reverberate! Dull, they atomize. The shades nuance, the contrasts intrigue.

First of all because it has a direct impact on our emotions and our imagination, then because it affects our subjectivity. It conveys codes and influences our disposition, our environment, our behavior.

This label, a genius inventor, provokes emotional stimuli… colorful!

ARTIST is written in black letters, a symbol of chic, elegance and mystery. Black, the color of choice for artists to fade away in front of their works, even for those who express themselves in color! The perfect showcase for all other colors.

It is in orange that the logo is highlighted with a line, then with a brushstroke puts a dot on its “i”. Its details evoke movement, dynamism, and highlight originality and creativity.

The white inscription of “Studio BF” images the blank page on which the story of all possibilities is written.

ARTIST catches the light and is worn without moderation, triggering multi-colored style, encouraging well-being and joy of living. This mosaic collection, fresh and warm at the same time, gives vital energy.

This pronounced taste for colors has its source in the artistic works intrinsically linked to the collections. It combines with universal sources of inspiration. In this area, two names refer to each other.

Jean Gabriel Causse

It was in 2009 that Brigitte, François and Jean-Gabriel met. Accomplices and lovers of colorful emotions, they have collaborated on several occasions around their mutual passion for color.

Designer and speaker, specialist in the influences of color on perceptions and behavior, Jean-Gabriel Causse gives color advice in all sectors (automobile, textiles, packaging, interior design, etc.). He is the author of the bestsellers: "The astonishing power of colors" (2014), " Colored pencils” (2017), “The algorithm of the heart” (2019), “The Colors of the Invisible" (2022).

Michel Pastoureau

 Medieval historian, specialist in the symbolism of colors, emblems, and heraldry.
He has published around forty works devoted to the history of colors, animals and symbols.

" Blue. Story of a Color " (2000)," Black. The history of a color " (2008), " The Colors of our Memories " (2010), " Green. The history of a color " (2013), " Red. A History of a Color " (2016),

' Jaune ' (2019).


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Christine

    Fan d Artist et de M Pastoureau !

  • Francine

    Vos articles sont intéressants, vous pouvez y exprimer votre démarche. Votre évolution est fulgurante et, assistés de J.G. Causse et nourris des livres de M. Pastoureau, vous ne pouvez qu’avancer dans le bon sens. Je crois que je vais me procurer le livre “une couleur ne vient jamais seule”. J’ai déjà 3 livres de M. Pastoureau. Et pour toutes les personnes intéressées, vous pouvez également lire “Le vêtement incarné – F. Borel” / “Des étoffes à la peau – Y. Papetti-Tisseron” / “La chair de la robe – M. Chapsal” / Bonne continuation.
    PS : Quelle bonne idée j’ai eue lorsque j’ai acheté mon premier “aventure des toiles” !

  • Paulette

    Ce que vous faites m’intéresse

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