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"Exclusive advice from Fred Bouffet, Artist's makeup artist, to enhance your appearance"


To guide you, ARTIST called on a virtuoso of cosmetology, its irreplaceable partner since always, prodigy in the art of beauty, efficient and perfectionist in all the locations of its photo shoots.

Exclusively, for the Art-à-Porter brand, Fred Bouffet, Make-Up artist(e) today offers moments of splendor to women ARTIST.


In a few tips, it says everything to enhance your makeup, subtly exploit all your potential in an ARTIST outfit.

 Like what you are like, depending on the mood of the moment, you favor naturalness and let your clothing look take center stage. On the opposite, you play on harmonies and dare to add color to the eyelids in a nod to the work of the artistic theme.


Everything is possible, with Fred's tips, your assets will be highlighted, your small imperfections corrected. Your charm will redouble with perfectly coordinated effects, features and silhouette!


Primordial, the preparation of your skin by applying a suitable treatment base will strengthen the final result. Do not hesitate to use a serum and a moisturizing cream, an eye contour treatment (anti-aging if necessary) to plump it up and rehydrate it. Give it time to absorb these active ingredients, and reap the benefits, before worrying about your complexion, the keystone of your radiance.

To magnify the beauty of your soul and your personality combined with your ARTIST allure, our make-up artist recommends: LIGHTNESS, TRANSPARENCY and FINESSE.

Apply a light foundation imperceptibly. If necessary, dilute it with a little moisturizer to soften it, thin it out, and give it an appropriate airy texture. Work on it gradually and locally. To distribute with a brush or fingers to preserve a homogeneous, more stretched and fine appearance.

To strike with your most beautiful look, how can you emphasize it without insisting too much? Follow our expert’s unstoppable techniques.

 Again, dilute your concealer with a drop of moisturizer or ideally eye contour cream to obtain a supple, mischievously invisible texture.


With a pencil stroke, draw the upper and/or lower lash line. Using a waterproof, or even strengthening, mascara, grab all the lashes with its little brush. You separate, lengthen and by optical effect you densify your bangs and hypnotize!

False eyelashes, very natural, unsuspected of course, will rejuvenate your sparkling eyes.


A pretty eyebrow work, sober and discreet, will accentuate the intensity of the look and give balance to the more expressive face.

 Preferably use matte shadow, liner, or pencils with neutral and soft colors.

A point of light placed under the arch, at the eyebrow break, will have a lifting effect. The same operation on the internal corner will add pep.

 Take care of the “cheeks + lips” combo to brighten up your healthy glow. The blush will immediately bring freshness. Coral shades will be your best allies, to apply on the bomber jacket and the top of the cheekbone, while smiling. A soft satin finish will bring radiance to the face.

Draw your mouth, the key element of your makeup. A pencil outline can plump up the lips. Feed them with a balm. Choose a matte lipstick, with a satin texture, in a nude, pink, coral palette that echoes your pretty cheeks and smile without moderation!


Fred Bouffet is this man in the shadows who knows how to highlight women ARTIST and the brand's muse models.

He knows how to spot a grain of skin, sculpt a face, style hair, ricochet all the reflections of femininity.

In advertising, fashion, the media, on TV sets, in the studio or outdoors, he multiplies his missions. To the point of multiplying between teaching and training, validation of new products for large French and international cosmetic groups.

He takes another look at everyday life as well as exceptional days. He brings an artistic dimension to everyday life or moments of grace... Exclusive makeup studio of ARTIST, he shares the same common denominator “the creative instinct” . 


Facebook: fredbouffet

@fredbouffet Instagram



To (re)read on the blog Artist-la-marque, the article “Unvarnished Conversation” dedicated to Fred Bouffet in April 21.


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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