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Well-oiled mechanics, from the inspiration phase to online sales, behind each collection lies a close collaboration between Brigitte and François, co-founders who jointly manage the Art-à-Porter brand ARTIST.

Very complementary, they largely share all of the company's responsibilities.

But at the heart of their abundant activities:

the COLLECTION ARTIST obviously!

If they have their role well defined separately, in this area, they pool their creative skills. In creation as with everything else, essential decisions are made by mutual agreement. Of course, to complete the process, they surround themselves with their amazing team for modeling, prototyping, sourcing of raw materials and accessories, shooting, and marketing.

You see it throughout the magazine, the videos, the posts: they are solidly supported!

In the beginning, who says artistic direction at ARTIST this identification of the artists and of their works.

From then on, they set the beginnings in motion, projecting the direction of the collection that will result from it... They are already seeing far, prefiguring the outcome of what they have in mind.

Add increased attention to the evolution of all fashion trends including decoration, cultural diversity, traditions, everything that nourishes or sharpens the mind.

Complete with all trips to trade shows in France and Italy. Not to mention, the intensive collaboration with the factories of the essential suppliers.

They devote several days to fruitfully sharing their research. About 365 days a year, they are researchers. Open and curious about everything, always observing, listening, they scrutinize, investigate, extrapolate... They come together to synthesize strong trends through the fashion shows of great designers, trend books, social networks, etc. Imbued with this pool, they have a “je ne sais quoi” to detach themselves from it and mix these external influences with their own intuition to ARTIST. On their unwavering common ground, their cleverly combined creative insight operates every time, infused by the original and inspiring work of the story to be composed.

 From these multiple tracks, they illustrate the general atmosphere of the session which they structure in images, in sketches embellished with textile samples that they have gone to unearth. A trained stylist, Brigitte then sketches the first models envisaged on paper which she associates with the flagship silhouettes profiled in accordance.

Simultaneously, she draws all the personalized and exclusive designs from the collection, those of printed like those of embroidery rich and complex if it is decided to ennoble. This entire graphic part is developed with technicians at printers or embroiderers taking into account test results and industrial processes.

From then on, the in-depth study intensifies to make choices. This is the definition of collection plan, a real road map which confirms the course to follow. He will decide on the depth of the range, determine the typicality of the 9 pieces of the wardrobe offered during each campaign. pre-orders. Balancing the mix of highs and lows in the timeless fantasy ofARTIST. Opt for a more tailored jacket, decide on a certain length of dress, a round neck... Aim to color the lives of daring women in their clothing preferences.

Studying, analyzing, comparing the qualities of all the components, the prices, the needs, these operations lead to the final choice of materials, buttons, ornaments... everything that is both essential and subtle.

The development of a well-matched, coordinated color palette reinforces harmony and contributes to the attractiveness of future clothing.

In support of the sketches, when the idea becomes reality, several key stages follow: pattern making (patterning), gradations (sizes), technical sheet, prototyping, fittings and adjustments, validation of fabrics, prints, shapes … Everything is carefully inspected. Touch-ups and new tests if necessary.

Mastering garment construction from A to Z involves these demanding phases to ultimately achieve the perfect fit and good fit. Check how the garment hangs, adjust the measurements, darts or folds to obtain a perfect result. After a few back and forths, the time comes to validate the final sample, which will also serve as a reference in production and quality control.

When the file is transmitted by article to the partners, the most suitable operating mode is evaluated and precisely agreed in order to anticipate and optimize costs and manufacturing times.

While the entire theme is created, Brigitte and François tackle the colossal work of the image, that of the very last line of Ready-to-Wear to present. 

With them, the digital team works, edits videos, prepares webinars, invests in social networks, updates the site ARTIST-lamarque.

With this communication, the wait is coming to an end. The countdown of days and hours unfolds like a puzzle, filled with clues. 10 – 9 – 8… 0! Opening of the session, online sale of the long-awaited new collection. In front of the camera, the two creators explain where it comes from, how and why.

For who ? For you ! For this tasty fashion moment, make an unmissable appointment with the pleasure of meeting up and getting dressed.

To complete, read the June 26, 2021 article “the alchemy of collections” in the magazine.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Elisabeth

    Un immense bravo pour tout ce travail !! C’est un véritable bonheur !! J’attends avec impatience la nouvelle collection !!!🤩👏👏👏👏🤩💪💪💪💪🤩🤩🤩


    J’attends avec impatience votre prochain projet ! Bien à vous. Yveline

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