Wild herbs by Anne Goujaud

Of May 6th to 15th, 2022, It is Anne Goujaud which will share the top of the bill with the next collection ofArt-to-Wear inspired by two of his monotypes “ The Wild Grass ».

The painter, engraver, stamper and fanciful artist details her practice:

« I grant, I assemble, I aerate, I approach, I associate, I paste, I compose, I consider, I hide, I combine, I construct, I tear, I deposit, I disperse, I cut, I dissociate, I deploy, I discover, I move, I ink, I stamp, I enter, I borrow, I eliminate, I form, I float, I engrave, I print, I introduce, I 'invent, I reverse, I play, I measure, I piece together, I mix, I organize, I participate, I press, I pursue, I punctuate, I perforate, I fold, I palm, I roll up, I breathe, I repeat, I bring together, I dry out, I simplify, I cut, I draw, I find, I start again, I continue…”

Anne Goujaud work painting and engraving for around forty years, with incessant ardor. His back and forth from one technique to another describes the same prodigious appetite. His touch redoubles his ingenuity to slide quickly and precisely from one gesture to another.

The artist most often creates works in mixed media on paper and devotes himself with energy and talent to the art of monotype, both engraving and unique work. The monotype, in print, is a printing process without engraving which produces a unique print. Each piece only exists in one copy.

« … It is a printmaking technique obtained using a zinc or copper plate, on which the motif is painted and not engraved. When passing through the intaglio press, the ink is retained by the rag paper. Several passes are therefore necessary in the case of different colors for a single print. Over the years, I have improved... By adding very fine Japanese papers that I have already inked and from which I cut out the shapes necessary to compose my prints. Then again in order to fix them, I pass them on my press. » Does she explain.

“Each print by Anne GOUJAUD offers the image of a fantasy. A colorful fantasy, composed like a melody, with the lightness of a sheet of paper. » Pierre Patrolin

The immediately captivated eye plunges into its vigorous universe constructed of shimmering variations and graphic spaces. Delicately rhythmic, the light work feels deep, happy, and pushes far the limits of its poetic imagination.

Fragments of variegated paper pile up on his work table, the residue of large monochromes previously printed/pressed. The colors collide sky blue, spring green, yellow ochre, vermillion, pink, fresh, joyful colors, never acidic, which feel good.

In this scattered shimmer, color dominates. With a rare and luminous intense quality, it will punctuate the surface, impose its impulse, disrupt the aerial balance of the lines. But not before Anne has found the correspondence with the form and what she encounters.

« … At Dampmart: journey into the magic of prints…

A path of daisies precedes a magnificent garden, expertly maintained and constantly renewed, at the end: his workshop.

Each work delivers a colorful message, illuminating the room with a feeling of serenity, joy and optimism like its creator.

If her inspiration comes largely from observing the plants around her, she admits that her only course of action is to resume the work where she left off the day before and as the water flows, trust your imagination and the precision of the work repeated many times.

“My goal is to always maintain a sense of astonishment about my work. Dig deeper into the subject, find new techniques and enrich my works on a daily basis. Engraving is a combinatory art, each entry, each novelty, each discovery renews the genre. No risk of getting bored! »

Excerpt from interview Anne Goujaud – Julia Gualtieri

Anne Goujaud does not deny her influences, from the polychrome fields of Matisse for harmony and fullness, to the more structured and sensitive works of Shirley Jaffe, the playful world of Paul Cox and also the lights and precision of Paul Klee.

“…The chromatic balance is rare, sumptuous, enigmatic, and astonishingly subtle in its impact. Anne Goujaud stretches endless sections of fine painted material, like fragile cliffs of color (…) She paints fullness. It verticalizes the expanse (…) The faint and shifted colors, insidiously deep, never clash. They sail (…) Art without borders (…) With something immaculate. Aerial cartography with a breath of sky and expanse.

Christian Noorbergen

Painter, engraver born in Neuchâteau (Vosges) in 1954.
Graduate of Fine Arts from Reims.
Since 2019, workshop in Dampmart in Seine-et-Marne, Ile de France.
Personal or collective exhibitions in France and abroad. International fairs.
Sale of prints in Europe and the USA.
Galerie Les Funambules in Vannes, Galerie Ducastel in Avignon, Namy-Caulier in Paris.
His works are part of the public collections of the art library of Caen, Nantes, Saint Maur, Compiègne, Lorient.

https://www.goujaud.fr - Instagram: annegoujaud


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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