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At ARTIST, we create our own designs ourselves without exception. Absolutely all designs, whether printed or embroidered, are exclusive and almost always placed.

Our focus is on the PLACED PATTERN printed, one of the strong points of our collections. Creation ARTIST is largely based on this particularly complex technique. Our desires guide our research towards proportionate and harmonious silhouettes. Strong distinctive signs, our distinctive designs appear inseparable from the stories of our brand; powerfully reinforced by the meticulous choice of their placement on our clothing.

What is a printed “placed pattern”?

A single illustration, positioned in a very specific location:

  • Here, perfectly parallel, along the button placket of a tunic

  • There, at the edge of the cardigan pocket

  • Or, in the center of the back of a jacket

  • Elegantly, at the bottom corner of the front yoke of a dress

This atypical drawing protests against repetition. Non-conformist, marked by his strong character, he stamps your Art-à-Porter brand ARTIST.

This involves thinking of the desired motive from the start. This requires creating the pattern in parallel and producing the printing file according to the pattern. We have solid knowledge in this area. To summarize, the principle would almost amount to printing on the pattern then cutting.

Our know-how has equipped us to overcome difficulties.

Thus, we jointly pay great attention to cutting, an equally complicated technical step so that all the garments bear exactly the same design, in the same place.

Our manufacturers operate methodically, almost individually, “piece by piece” to avoid any discrepancy and above all not to cut corners! The work becomes industrial craftsmanship.

The placed pattern is not repeated, it remains unique. Unlike the “all-over” or full width process, that is to say over the entire surface of the fabric, “continuously”. This is the case when we offer you our coordinable “faux plains”. At every level, the way of doing things is totally different. When juxtaposing and duplicating infinitely, the simpler procedure can be accelerated. This time it will be possible to cut in “mattress” bringing together several layers of fabric.

This demanding method of PLACED PATTERN characterizes the clothes ARTIST and makes them truly unique!

Print reflects our image as strongly as our sense of color.

We really concentrate a large part of our creativity on our exclusive designs in resonance with the chosen work. The imprint left by ARTIST could be illustrated as a placed pattern; our explosive signature of authentic colors and designs.

In March 2021, we already dedicated an article to digital printing and we continued last month by telling you its story. Insights to better recognize us, decipher us or decode us, always available by clicking here.




Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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