The new winter plains – The “UNIVERS” collection: the kaleidoscope of ARTIST!

One of the key words to define ARTIST It is THE COLOR ; the art of color, collaboration with artists and stylistic interpretation through the filter of our creative studio. In association with color at the heart of the works that we choose, but also at the heart of the collections that we always want to be colorful. It is an integral part of the concept, a golden rule, a deliberate choice, a vital component, our signature.

Most certainly a sign of recognition, one of the reasons why the brand ARTIST is dubbed by you public, fans, co-producers.

Colors are omnipresent in our daily lives, all around us. They instill in us states of mind, feelings, they give us the strength to move forward. Where would we be without color?

Depending on countries, cultures and times, colors have different meanings. Carrying symbolism, let's talk about their meaning. Let's take the time to leaf through the brand new UNIVERSE collection: that of our Fall – Winter UNIS presented during the session from June 11 to 20, 2021. We have revealed to you: 4 tones: Ice blue - Rosewood - Moss - Papikra and 2 classics: Slate (gray) and Black.

ICE BLUE and meaning of Blue :

When we talk about blue, we immediately think of the sky and the sea... Two natural elements, which undoubtedly makes it a universal and intergenerational color. Blue is closely linked to dreams, wisdom and serenity. Blue is the echo of life, travel and discoveries literally and figuratively. Depending on its shades, blue has a refreshing and pure side that allows you to find a certain inner calm linked to deep things.

  • Positive meaning: dream, wisdom, serenity, truth, loyalty, freshness

ROSEWOOD and meaning of Rose :

It evokes seduction, romanticism and femininity, including among men who have adopted it for a long time.

Whether it's candy pink, pale pink, or fuchsia, pink is a dynamic color punctuated with a touch of delicacy.

This color remains rather good-natured. It is also associated with tenderness and happiness, as the expression “seeing life in pink” reminds us so well.

  • Positive meaning: femininity, romanticism, seduction, happiness, tenderness, youth

MOSS and meaning of Green and Yellow :

This “moss” color reflects green and yellow in a beautiful in-between. We therefore give free rein to your preference, to your own interpretation.

Green is surely the most common color in nature.

Rightly associated with the plant world which is its most worthy representative, it soothes, refreshes and even tones. In Western culture, it is associated with hope and luck.

  • Positive meaning: hope, luck, stability, concentration

No color is more joyful than yellow. The color of the sun, celebration and joy, it brightens up a universe and makes life and light shine. Yellow is also associated with might, power and ego. Hue of openness and social contact: it is associated with friendship and fraternity as well as knowledge.

  • Positive meaning: warmth, knowledge.

PAPRIKA and meaning of Orange :

Stimulating for the senses and the intellect. Sparkling and dynamic. Tinted with joy, optimism and epicureanism. Translation of movement, rhythm and mobility; expression of the need for sensory stimulation and to experience emotions.

  • Positive meaning: communication, creativity, fun.

SLATE and meaning of Gray:

A little black, a little white… And presto, we have gray ! Gray is a neutral color, mainly used to highlight one or more other tones. It has the merit of being gentle, rather restful and relaxing. Sober, elegant, she is a good ally.

  • Positive meaning: calm, gentleness

Meaning of Black :

Just like white, black is not in the strict sense of the term a color, however it is associated with it from a psychological point of view, black conveying symbolism.

Its dark side par excellence, its class and its timelessness give it elegance and simplicity. It goes well with almost all colors, and will cause very little shock, even when used excessively. It is recommended to always accompany it with a warm color or a pale color to enhance its style.

  • Positive meaning: elegance, simplicity, sobriety, rigor, mystery

Our reading recommendations in the field of color :

"The astonishing power of colors" of Jean-Gabriel Causse, French writer and designer. Specializing in color, he approaches it not only from an aesthetic or trendy point of view but also taking into account the influences they can have on our perceptions and behaviors.

«A history of stripes and striped fabrics", «Blue. History of a color”, “Black. Story of a Colorby Michel Pastoureau ,historian, specialist in colors, images and emblems. Professor at the Sorbonne, director of studies at the École Pratique des Hautes studies, known worldwide for his work on the history of colors in the West.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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