The resistance fighters - The lovely fight of Anne Damesin

The resistors 

At the heart of our campaign on the theme “ I MAKE A WISH ", we continue the story  
of our good fairy, Anne Damesin, the plant lace artist.
She is with us until April 18, 2021. Let’s take the time to look at all of her work. 
In his hands, paper is an ode to the ephemeral and the transient.
“I always start several papers at the same time… to avoid having to start on a single work” then she adds:  “I show depth and surface.” This is exactly our perception of his cut-out and volume drawings. 
His painting? " I paint my poetic to the world ».

Its development process calls upon a range of mixed techniques: mixing, weaving, hybridization, remixing, meshing and other crossbreeding... masterfully handling Indian inks, pigments, oil and acrylic.

As for its installations, harmonious scaffolding, they exude the powerful simplicity, the cheerful and sensual softness of linden or hazel wood, crates, various materials, useful or not, found in situ.

At the moment and for the past 3 years, Anne Damesin also connects his work to the city and attaches his urban art to the walls or sidewalks of his neighborhood. This way, come, we’ll take you to the 14th arrondissement of Paris! Say, when was the last time you looked at a tiny wildflower, alone in a gap at the edge of a gutter? When did you first take the time to look at these so-called weeds? Thanks to his external creations “to get out of the workshop, to be in real life, to give access to questioning…” sometimes we raise our noses, sometimes we lower our heads… “Les Résistantes” its evolving artistic series so aptly named apostrophes you on his way.

There you have it, the vivid idea of ​​the artist who inscribes their trace with a colored shadow on the ground right at the feet of these wildlings. Or because they grow where you least expect them, Anne D. hangs some of these dissident flowers in the very place where she first picked them.

With loose earth borrowed from local construction sites, she makes hollow molds. Once dry, they are filled with straw plaster to become relief medallions. Painted, covered with silver pigment, suspended in procession and looking like icons, they guide the walk of those who walk nonchalantly.

The neighbors and passers-by love it and join in the fun.” Go look over there at the corner of this staircase... Along the low wall... You will find others,... it looks like wild lettuce... » She has never been so close to people since these strange times of confinement where the street offers a rare social space.

Resolutely urban, Anne Damesin tries to show the smallest of what surrounds it, not to demonstrate. “ I only want to suggest ».

In 2021, his personal or collective exhibitions continue, from events to residencies, from museums to galleries. Well anchored in her time and in the reality of the moment (distancing required), it is with social networks, virtual tours, appointments, shared workshops that the designer continues her beautiful path.

From April 2 to 11: “The hectare and the frog” groupshow at Espace Voltaire, 81 boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris.

The whole team Artist expresses the hope that an exhibition on borders at the Parisian gallery of Nouveaux Collectionneurs will come to fruition next June, and sends him good vibes for the continuation of his regular participations at Nuit Blanche and Réalités Nouvelles.

Anne DAMESIN lives and works in Paris - Atelier 81 Boulevard Voltaire – XXIst.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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