The Textile Salons

In our profession, there are appointments not to be missed. For many years, we have been exploring the halls of professional exhibitions but no weariness has come to alter our curiosity. Our excitement remained unscathed. Without lying, wherever it is, whether gigantic or more confidential, we walk absolutely every aisle, from A to Z. We will have covered miles in these textile fairs! And it's not over, insatiable, we ask for more.

Let's take a look back at the latest ones explored in July and September 2021.


For more than 45 years, for 3 days, twice a year, the six major trades in materials and services for clothing have met us in this mecca of world fashion.

Six complementary trade shows grouped together on a single site where we meet all the players in the sector. A business crossroads, essential and irreplaceable for us, where a multitude of countries meet to exchange, work and build ready-to-wear collections.

It is also an exceptional source of inspiration thanks to essential forward-looking fashion information. Nearly 2,000 international exhibitors present a complete panorama of raw materials, accessories and services, in synergy with the demands of the market and those of the clothing industry calendar. A wide and complementary wealth of offering which guarantees us to find all the necessary resources, all the products corresponding to all our needs.

This leading trade fair upstream of creative fashion anticipates the spirit of the times, trends and colors throughout the seasons. Although out of step with this general movement, we are immersed in it. It is a part of our professional culture, an undeniable contribution, support in our sourcing.

This event allows us to: select new manufacturers, identify stylistic or technological advances, consolidate our relationships and adjust our expectations with our loyal partners. This selective and creative time is opportune to secure our multi-material supplies.

It’s also a way of staying on top of things, of spotting new productions, of committing to more responsible fashion, of supporting French companies whose know-how must be saluted…


The G.E.A.T.R.A. (Groupe Expo Agents Textiles Rhône-Alpes) was born in April 1978 from the association of 12 independent and avant-garde representatives who decided to come together and invite their customers to a “showroom”.

It is above all a friendly exchange between the economic protagonists of the textile and clothing industry in the Rhône-Alpes region. Fabrics and accessories are abundantly exhibited there by the group of 25 “multi-card” professionals to date. There are more than 100 collections at our disposal.

A regional fair on the outskirts of Lyon, it allows us to be close to the sales agents of each house represented. More intimate and calm, it brings us a high quality of work and allows us the space for reflection, the moment of meticulous choice that we favor.


“There would be no fashion without fabric, there would be no glamor without details. » 

This motto summarizes all the principles of MilanoUnica, its reason for being, its mission. Diversity, taste and tradition remain its main assets. Stimulating days that immerse us in the heart of industrial developments and their contemporary interpretations. The mood changes from edition to edition. The exhibitors, from all countries, do not lack imagination to highlight their latest creations. We benefit from an international showcase of fashion and/or high-end textiles and accessories. This concentration brings together the excellence of Italian manufacturing, in particular, but also beyond borders.

Provocative of encounters and opportunities, these living rooms feature all the players in the textile industry. Monumental forums of the profession, not only do we like to go there but we have to go there. On these stands where everyone works hard before, during and after, we are given access to our next stories, because we will have detected, anticipated or recognized all the ingredients for “the model” that we have in mind.

But what do we actually look for and find?

Sons high performance, in recyclable materials, or other originality. Fibers natural, artificial or synthetic, for fabrics warp and weft, of jacquards, mesh, footwear, or technical uses.

Fabrics created, produced and marketed for clothing: embroidery and lace full width, drapery, silkwoolen fabric with, dyed woven, technical fabrics….

Specialists in the impressionfabrics fantasy, from fake fur and leather imitations of the structured materials for suits and tailors, from casual cotton and linen, high-performance fabrics and meshes Sport & Techspecialists in the lining, of denim, of velvet, of the United

Of the accessories : buttons, components functional ribbons, ornaments, zips and sliders, labels, packaging

Of the color schemes, since influences, of the surprises, of the challenges, of the confirmations, of the intuitions

We return to the creation studio, soon it is overwhelmed by mountains of samples. And as we told you from the beginning, we tirelessly start again, a new theme is born.



Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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