ARTIST’s sources of inspiration

« The creators who touch us are multiple, our sources of creation plural. Our inspiration comes from different schools of thought, abundant artistic movements, and the cultural world in the broad sense.

Everything that presents itself to the eye, to the attention and which is capable of awakening a feeling leaves us contemplative, admiring and sometimes even in a state of astonishment. This ecstasy sows seeds in our imagination. Live entertainment, visual arts, contemporary or ancient art, 7It is art, theater, music, dance, what else? Everything that Culture with a capital C offers us to see, absolutely everything permeates us. » Their eyes still sparkle, like they just came out of a room!

Circassian, Brigitte is fascinated by the world of the circus; François feeds on the energy of music. They saw hundreds - not to say more - concerts or incredible acts. Performances by artists like James Thierrée (Charlie Chaplin’s grandson), the sets, the shows, the words become part of their memory. The costumes, the choreographies of Mourad Merzouki or of Philippe Decouflé, to name but a few, are inscribed and reborn transformed at the heart of the collections ARTIST.

In fashion, there is no shortage of foreign influences.

Let us first cite two figures from the Belgian fashion scene :

  • Ann DEMEULEMEESTER, minimalist designer, known for her sleeved pieces and her Japanese materials. His idea: “Fashion is like rock’n’roll: you must always find an element of rebellion in it. » His trademark: black and white, the mix of women's and men's wardrobes, romantic rock.

  • Dries VAN NOTEN, for its prints and colors. He is one of the emblematic figures of the collective of Belgian designers who revolutionized fashion culture in the mid-80s,  with their avant-garde aesthetic and daring eccentricity. He cultivates a free and independent spirit, hermetic to trends. His mastery and artistic genius elevate his creations to the rank of works of art, transcending fashions and eras.

Unavoidable Italy :

The elegance of the perfect cuts of the pieces of Giorgio ARMANI who discovered fashion while working as a window dresser in a department store at the age of 23. He was born on July 11th… Like François G.!

We love his vision which combines modernity, simplicity and timelessness.

DOLCE and GABBANA founded by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, asserts the essence of their style: ultra-feminine, baroque, maximalist.

Wife D & G : sensual, full of curves, with a generous neckline, a well-defined waist and pronounced hips, seems to come out of a Fellini film. Alone, she embodies, as desired, the fantasized idea of ​​the beautiful Italian woman or the Sicilian widow...

The look ETRO in three words: bohemian, chic, shimmering.
The short story: Gimmo Étro, a travel enthusiast, was inspired by a stay in India to highlight the “Paisley” pattern. Popular for its artisanal know-how and its sense of print, Étro revisits each season the Paisley pattern (also called cashmere) which has built its reputation. Let's add the colorful interpretations of linen, cotton and silk: seduction guaranteed!

The linear silhouettes of MAX MARA, and its classy and sophisticated look. It stands out for its emphasis on the high quality of its materials.

The mind VALENTINO delicate, elegant, fluid.
The idea of ​​poppy red, an emblematic color, comes from the baskets of flowers that the designer saw one day in the boxes of the Barcelona Opera during the performance of an opera. The dresses and the Dolce Vita symbolize this aura.

In France :

We wouldn't want to say we saved the best for last, but still!

Thanks to its prestigious fashion houses, Paris remains the capital uncontested of the mode. Let's not deprive ourselves of this tricolor pleasure.

DIOR or the femininity, French elegance and delicacy.
The very strong points: the New Look, the Bar suit, the houndstooth, the bows. The revolution : the wild look printed feline from the 90s on pants, belt, pumps… From the catwalks to the wardrobe, fashion prints can be worn without complexes or moderation. And the love story continues.

At the house of ARTIST, they also like the requirement ofHERMES for the choice of its materials, the sobriety of its cuts and obviously the prints of the squares, the leather, the support for craftsmanship. Distinctive signs: distinguished, nomadic, timeless.

Don't forget the Ready-to-Wear brands that create inimitable looks. Observe the young generation of daring stylists, the new blood, the next generation for the fashion of tomorrow.

Finally, the streetwear as DSQUARED2founded by Dean and Dan from Toronto, Canada, twin sons of an Italian immigrant. In 2000, they created Madonna's clothes in the music video for her song Don't Tell Me. Defenders of accessible, pop and optimistic fashion.

« To bring to life ARTIST, we never really cut, we draw every source of inspiration globally. This is our life, our story. Without feeling it, we eat, we drink, we sleep ARTIST. Wherever we are, the smallest detail, the slightest image or sensation can potentially enhance our creativity. » and to spice up the discussion « OUR list of reference creatives is not exhaustive. »

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Fanny RR

    Quand on baigne à 100% dans sa passion, toutes antennes dehors, alors tout devient source d’inspiration. Tout s’infiltre par capillarité

  • Elizabeth

    Toutes ces belles sources d’inspiration vous enrichissent et nous comblent de votre diversité d’esprit.
    Merci encore une fois pour nous ouvrir à votre monde de la mode.

  • Annie ROMEYER

    Extraordinaire définition de toute votre créativité, félicitations 👏👏👏

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