Marion LEGOUY forges links with ARTIST

With the TROPIC collection, we discover a wardrobe of 10 models with a “jungle” spirit available between 2 lush prints and a soberly modern faux-plain. To enhance the vitality of the atmosphere, an intense aqua blue counters a bright yellow/green. The trade winds blow across ARTIST’s new tropical itinerary.

Marion Legouy, artist who inspired the theme, presenting the 1stto December 10, 2023,

opened her dress book without restraint, the last piece in the continuity of her approach to clothing. 

 ARTIST Studio BF leafed through the delicate work to tell another version of the story. Recompose 2 exclusive designs, highlight 2 shimmering monochrome colors to let the patterns ricochet.


Like her artistic entanglements, Marion is delighted with the links forged once again with the Art-à-Porter brand. She appreciates this complicity, this simple and natural dialogue to match their emotional intelligence. This co-production responds to her vital need to feel in the middle of something, a link in the chain between ARTIST and the women who will wear “TROPIC”.

The surprise of this collection confirms to him that their enriching interaction works with intuitive accuracy. The cuts and shapes, the color harmonies, the drapes of the fabrics reflect what is at the heart of his work.

 Suspended or shaped on mannequins, its “Robes du Monde” unfold with grace. Their finely cut bands fall like a fabric sliding over a body that it envelops.


Marion Legouy painted on the pages of the newspaper Le Monde. Thus, the information we are given is hidden beneath the layers. Its cutting deconstructs the painting and releases strips and folds which will be glued. From her initial practice as a chisel maker, she perpetuates the art of removing material. Through this void created, another fragile and moving structure takes shape and recalls the hollows of a draped weave. In the printmaking she practiced in her younger years, it is said that the paper is “in love” when it is ready. This favorite medium remains sacred. She handles it with infinite respect, tender precaution. 

In the hands of ARTIST, we find this entire universe which will be conducive to the coming spring months.


The abundant prints adorn the tops with energy: top and cardigan in cotton jersey for comfort. The fluidity of viscose undulates all this fantasy: on a full skirt or on the sublime wrap dress suitable for all body types. To intensify this renewal, collars full of personality border mischievous tunics.

 From a purely plastic point of view, Marion Legouy underlines the extraordinary potential of clothing. And to rejoice in transmitting to his applied arts students, to share a generational energy. Teach as she creates. Create as she teaches.

Together, they work, among other things, on the body diagram. They understand the importance of anticipating, of knowing the manufacturing process. A dress (an exoskeleton) placed on shoulders, hips takes on volume, takes shape. But it collapses on itself if it is not carried. This is the whole meaning of her educational and artistic approach also through this dress-book which she named “Entropy ma non troppo”.

 We know that she seeks, that she provokes, that she welcomes multiple collaborations. Most of the time, it happens at La FONDERIE, its place of creation, exhibitions, life!


The La Fonderie association brings together a wide diversity of artistic artistic expressions: Painting, Sculpture, Engraving, Video, Photography, Ceramics, Ironwork, Carpentry, Design and Architecture ….

This industrial, scientific and technical building, museum and exhibition hall houses the diversity of a remarkable collective of artists and craftsmen. To visit at the first opportunity in Fontenay-sous-Bois (94), in the Paris region.


In this extraordinary setting, the projects continue. Marion, co-secretary, and involved artist participates in all events.

In March/April 24 : 

Exhibition "FUNAMBULE" at Halle Roublot, Fontenay-sous-Bois.

The “Fondedus” expose. Louise FENEYROU-PY, curator and Fondue, under the aegis of Jean Genet. 

Exhibition and Open House Workshops "TEXTILE" - Tina Marais (Canadian artist) residency at La Fonderie with JEMA on April 5,6,7 (European Crafts Days).

Eugénia Reznik, curatrice et Fondue.

On May 24 : 

“ENTER, it’s OPEN” opening of workshops, numerous activities in preparation.

Curators: Xavier Perez and Gerardo di Pablo (Fondus)

Remember that the fall of 2023 was rich at La Fonderie and for Marion Legouy.

 On September 23 :

Exhibition “DRAWING STORIES”- Heritage Days 2023

Fruit of a meeting and a common desire between La Fonderie and the prep-art class of the Pablo Picasso high school in Fontenay-sous-Bois.

Inauguration of an installation designed in situ by **Georges ROUSSE** for one of his photographs.

In June, students from CPES-CAAP Picasso helped the artist transform a space in the Foundry so that he could photograph it in accordance with his practice.

Georges Rousse, a contemporary French artist known for his large-scale photographs depicting painted alterations in existing spaces, exhibits in November and DECEMBER, at the C.Putman gallery Paris - 18th.

 Marion Legouy, French artist, graduate of Beaux-Arts de Paris, lives and works in the Paris region.

Instagram: lafonderiefontenay

Facebook: La Fonderie – Center for artistic creation


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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