We recognize ARTIST through its shimmering colors, a sign of the unalterable optimism of its two co-founders. They design and show you their collections through their inextinguishable rays of sunshine whatever the seasons.

It’s the black gold of the house. Life in pink or nothing!

 For this new session from October 27 to November 5, 2023, the dazzling collection sparkles with a thousand and one lights. Yes, the latest addition is adorned with A THOUSAND AND ONE COLORS. So much so that we had to resist the temptation to add an “s” to a thousand!


Brigitte and François, the creative souls of Artist - Studio BF have been coloring their story for as long as we can remember.


Like alchemists of fashion and art, before choosing the canvas of an artist or visual artist, they embark on in-depth research to bring a collection to fruition. They explore all artistic horizons to unearth the themes that inspire them, the supports that seduce them, the color palettes that move them.

The fruit of their explorations takes shape through sketches, photos, and tests of chromatic ranges. They thrive on books and films, exhibitions and cultural encounters that dazzle them. The beautiful team talks a lot, shares happily, considers everything without limits based on their favorites. From discoveries to sensations, they follow their intuitions.

To nourish and anchor their discussions, to give more resonance to all this excitement, they transcribe their ideas through sketches and tests. These drafts become the traces, the testimonies of their countless creative itineraries.

Certain sketches, certain fragments are preserved. They treasure these beginnings. They protect these beginnings, delicate murmurs which speak to them alone.

 In this box, hides and drums a whole feverish universe of possibilities. The drawings and the photos objectify the beginnings of a project ready to blossom. They herald colorful, ready-to-wear clothing. Matrix or inexhaustible source, this treasure box unleashes their inventiveness.

Certain elements unearthed from this prodigious box challenge the prolific enthusiasm of these two connoisseurs of Art-à-Porter. Not long before, the beauty of what germinates was still dormant.

 They therefore decided to resume these experiments, to rework the colors which were still at the testing stage. From then on, each shade, each shade, each combination was carefully selected, the starting point for their next collection.


There will be no artist to know, no work to approach but a treasure box to guess, named artist in spite of itself through its authors. This time,ARTISTunveils its multicolored archive cassette, its case concealing the secrets of its creativity.


From backstage to curtain-raiser, imminent presentation of “A thousand and one colors”.


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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    C’est bien de continuer vos collections, mais pour moi assurer les livraisons des commandes passées depuis 5 mois est une priorité pour le sérieux d’une marque.
    Artist La marque:
    Bonjour ,Il s’agit du pull légende d’automne où nous avons fait refaire toute la série car elle ne correspondait pas à notre grade de qualité . Nous nous excusons de ce délai . Les livraisons vont se faire d’ici  une dizaine de jours. Nous vous avions demandé a l’époque où nous avons pris la décision de refaire la production si vous souhaitiez un remboursement ou si vous attendiez. Quoiqu’il en soit le délai n’est plus très long maintenant.Nous vous remercions pour votre patience .Bien à vous .Brigitte et François Le 25 oct. 2023 à 10:07, Sunny@comment.sunnysideapps.com a écrit :

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