Mini-interview - 10 QUESTIONS to POLA CARMEN

Pola Carmen is the artist from whom we were inspired to design the ENTRE LES LIGNES collection available for pre-order January 14 to 23, 2022.

1. An inspiring place?

 The Jacquemart-André Museum

2.An artist you can’t get enough of?
Marie-Claude Bugeaud

3. Your last reading?
Barbarian Days - william Finnegan

4.How do you start a painting, a work?
I cut a canvas, I coat it, I staple it to the frame, I prepare a color for the background and I look at it until I have chosen a chalk color. And there, a coffee, the radio, my dog ​​and off we go... 
5.When do you know it is finished?
It’s difficult, I try not to get lost, not to do too much, and to keep its uniqueness.

6. Your Proustian madeleine?
the gratin dauphinois 

7.Does fashion (clothing) inspire you?
I love fashion, I admire all fashion professions, which require such know-how and which must never disappear.

8.An idea to make it evolve? 
What a shame that the flax that is harvested in Normandy goes to China because we don’t have a company to spin it. We must reintroduce means in France to change this.

9.Your favorite item of clothing? (jacket, pants, scarf, etc.)
a Courrège dress

10.A question you would like to ask the next artist we collaborate with?
Are you completely at peace when you hand over a drawing to do something else with it?

Here is the question asked by Eric Roux-Fontaine, the latest partner artist for the “Wonderland” theme. 

11.What feeling does it give you to go from one dimension, your canvas, to 3 dimensions, a piece of clothing worn and in movement?
I am very curious to see how my work will invade the fabric and how people will appropriate it.


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Publié par Brigitte Martin, Co-fondratrice d'Artist La marque.

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    Très belles réalisations. Une idée des prix serait appréciée.
    Merci et bravo

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