Mini-interview - 10 questions asked to Catherine Cazau

Catherine Cazau is the artist from whom we took inspiration to design the SE LOST IN THE BLUE collection available for pre-order March 25 to April 3, 2022

1. An inspiring place?
The Maeght foundation in St Paul de Vence. For decades, I have happily wandered there.

2. An artist you can’t get enough of?
Difficult choice...let's say Picasso, his painting was a real trigger for me.

3. Your last read?
“Gardens, landscape and natural engineering” by the wonderful Gilles Clément.

4. How do you start a work?
I lay down a layer of colors which will disappear as I work.

5. When do you know it is finished?
When she tells me “stop, don’t add more!”

6. Your Proust madeleine?
“How beautiful the mountain is”, a song by Jean Ferrat which played on repeat at my parents’ house in Dieulefit.

7. Does fashion (clothing) inspire you?
Patterns inspire me and… vice versa!

8. An idea to develop it?
Work with quality ecological materials, while respecting the environment and people.

9. Your favorite piece of clothing?
Black pants and… colors around!

10. A question you would like to ask the next artist we collaborate with?
Did you imagine one day seeing the patterns of your works on magnificent clothes?

Here is the question asked by Alione, the last partner artist for the theme “Le Port De Cassis”
In which French or international museum would you like to exhibit?
I would like to exhibit at the Center Pompidou, one of my favorite museums, also for the pleasure of taking the outdoor escalator and admiring the breathtaking view of Paris from the 5th floor!

Publié par Brigitte Martin, Co-fondratrice d'Artist La marque.


  • Saint-Leger Isabelle

    Bonjour moi aussi je sens que je vais craquer, seulement le 3 avril cela tombe mal pour moi car je n’aurais pas encore reçu mon argent, comment faire ? 💙💙💙💙

  • Beaufumé viviane

    Magnifique artiste que je suis depuis un moment déjà sur lés réseaux !

  • Anonymous

    Bonjour, comme je vous l’ai déjà dit précédemment, j’attends une boutique pour voir en réel et essayer, je ne peux pas commander sur internet comme cela. C’est dommage,cordialement 🐸🧚‍♀️

  • Guerra-Pereira

    Je sens que je vais craquer💜j’adore le bleu, indémodable et intemporel..🔵👖🧢🎁

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