Mini-interview - Artiste Alione

interview artiste alione

Alione is the artist who inspired us to design the LE PORT DE CASSIS collection, available for pre-order from February 18 to 27, 2022.

1. An inspiring place?
The Center Pompidou escalator

2.An artist you can’t get enough of?

3. Your last reading?
Mygale by Thierry Jonquet

4.How do you start a painting, a work?
In music

5.When do you know it is finished?
When I sign at the bottom right.

6. Your Proustian madeleine?

7.Does fashion (clothing) inspire you?

8.An idea to make it evolve?
rental, subscription, recycling

9.Your favorite item of clothing? (jacket, pants, scarf, etc.)
My Gavroche cap and my work overalls

10.A question you would like to ask the next artist we collaborate with?
In which French or international museum would you like to exhibit?

Here is the question asked by Pola Carmen, the latest partner artist for the theme “Between the Lines”

11.Are you completely at peace when you hand over a drawing to do something else with it?
Yes, especially if it’s Brigitte and François who take care of it.

Watch the video with Alione

Publié par Brigitte Martin, Co-fondratrice d'Artist La marque.


  • Boucault

    Merci de nous informer des prix SVP

  • Béatrice Garrigue

    J’ai confiance en Brigitte et François pour faire honneur au Port de Cassis , d’Alione !
    Bravo les Artistes pour votre inspiration !

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