Less but better thanks to pre-orders

A little wisdom :

Since its conception, ARTIST dreams of being more virtuous. Realistic, humble and modest, she does not claim to green the textile world. But she defends and explains her collections which she wants to be as ethical as they are colorful.

With one voice, Brigitte and François argue:

“…We want to defend a new way of creating, producing and buying clothes. More reasoned, with less waste and taking the time to do things right. It would not be true, not very credible or realistic to claim to do everything well. But the pre-orders : that’s already the good thing we’ve done! » This system more eco-responsible sales seeks to fight against overconsumption.

This is all the more relevant when we read the words of Vincent Grégoire of the foresight agency Nelly Rodi – Paris. www.nellyrodi.com

« We are in a phase of rebirth, in search of new lives, after the resistance of 2020 then the resilience of 2021. »

In fact :

Although it generates many jobs – 1 million worldwide – fashion is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, a serious environmental problem. Each year, it emits 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases, or about 2% of these same global emissions. That’s more than international flights and maritime traffic combined.

In France, since January 2022, new provisions of the anti-waste law for a circular economy (Agec) have applied to this sector, which is often rightly singled out. It is estimated that between 10,000 and 20,000 tonnes of textile products are destroyed each year in our country, the equivalent of the weight of one or two Eiffel Towers!

Supported by ten other European countries, France, which is not an isolated case, is urging the European Union to follow suit, expressing the need to implement an “ambitious and global” strategy to make the textile industry more sustainable.

Adème - www.ademe.fr - in partnership with What are we doing?www.qqf.fr highlighted the edifying figures of waste. Do not hesitate to consult these sources to learn more.

The acts :

From consumption to consumption action!

The co-producer ofARTIST not only wants to buy an original model but questions the values ​​embodied by its atypical brand. She rethinks her way of consuming and asks herself fundamental questions.

By agreeing to wait, each customer allows the brand toArt-to-Wear to adjust the quantity manufactured as best as possible and to avoid overproduction. For each woman who buys consciously, for each new consumer attached to the gesture for the planet, the pre-order is a eco-responsible promise. This is the guarantee not to fuel a harmful activity, not to encourage waste or superfluity.

Common sense, living together in harmony, a developing trend, a win-win in short which allows style lovers and creative brands to share important choices. A vision, a way of being, of consuming serenely, in line with a green heart and tangible ethics.

What are the alternatives found and implemented by ARTIST ?

Producing only the quantities ordered when the products are put online already means reducing theenvironmental impact.

Zero waste design?

Typically, around 15% of fabric is discarded when cutting a pattern. Based on this observation, ARTIST always strives to optimize patterns to minimize fabric waste. Mastery of patronage takes on its full meaning.

All his steps, actions, decisions are oriented towards more “ RSE ". This social and environmental responsibility is voluntarily practiced not only by the two founders but also by all employees, suppliers and other contributors. Integrated beyond the imposed legal framework, this philosophical dimension, this daily practice, this respect as close as possible to sustainable development aims to have a positive impact on society, including its economic viability.

In its moderation of waste, the company consolidates its image and balance. It stands out like its collections.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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