Music Maestro!

To be part of the community ARTIST, it’s spreading the joy of living without moderation, celebrating each other, wishing each other the best things, sharing beautiful moments of life, to the rhythm of a RHAPSODY bewitching

RHAPSODY was designed for the holidays? Of course ! But with us, the party is all year round... This collection will be your best ally to spread your good mood and your good looks.

Each piece is a mountain of refined details, meticulous embroidery, bathed in the brilliance of the prodigious violin. d’Anita Phillips. Visual artist and mosaicist from Manchester (England), the artist works on everyday objects recovered and recycled.

With his violin, a unique object in sparkling mosaic, ANITA PHILLIPS takes us into this lovely whirlwind of life. It is to celebrate the life of his father, to pay him a joyful tribute, a response to his sense of humor that the artist dressed his father's violin. As a child, at school and at home, she learned with them: her father and his instrument.

In her workshop, she works with music to let go and create. Christine and the Queens, Camille, jazz, all jazz, Gershwin and his “Rhapsody in blue”…

And many other selected pieces punctuate his pleasure of composing.

We close our eyes, the maestro places the viola on the left shoulder and under the chin: he slowly raises his right arm to place the bow on the strings. We hold our breath: birth of the first notes. Intergalactic concert by Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt, Dvorak, Brahms, Ravel, Rachmaninov…

In classical music, a rhapsody, literally "sewing of songs", is a composition of very free style and form, often in a single movement and quite close to the fantasy. The same could be said of the work of our English visual artist, inspiration for the theme that you will carry at the end of the year, and well after.

Couture, style, shape, movement, fantasy: word for word, the definition also follows the concept ARTIST 

Another similarity, at “creation”, we don’t know how to work without music either. Notes to your ears! Velvety, supple, harmonious, the latest collection makes us listen to the colors of music.

She offers us clarity and volume of sound, silvery clarity in the highs, nocturnal depth in the lows: is it a Stradivarius that we hear? Four strings, a bow, keys, curves: like the silhouette of a plunging neckline body...

As true as a violin has a soul, Anita Phillips' violin lets hers shine. That ofARTIST dance to the same tempo. Allegro Small. Baroque decor of the Italian theater of Chalon-sur-Saône. Nothing is too good for a night at the opera. We all hum “ Bohemian Rhapsody » from the British group Queen. And the voice of Freddie Mercury, unforgettable rock opera from 1975.

The RHAPSODY collection arrives in December. Party inARTIST. Party all the time, under any pretext, in your party and everyday clothes. Make every day: a celebration.

And in your basket, add a nugget that you just read, and that you can't keep to yourself! Pleasure can be shared, it’s contagious, and that’s so much the better! In analogy with this mosaic of 9 spooky models:

Broken Soul by Akira Mizubayashi at Folio. The story of 3 men and a violin. "By mixing prose so simple that it seems crystal clear with the magic of Japanese tales, Mizubayashi offers us a true gift. » Jérôme Garcin, L'Obs.


Anita Phillips, born in Manchester
Lives and works in Villeréal (47) Lot et Garonne – France.

Instagram: anitajane_mosaics

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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