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Since the launch ofARTIST - Just 1 year - we shot several videos on the concept, functioning and operational aspects, presentations of works and artists…

We wanted to mark this anniversary date with a film in the image of the brand, which resembles us, very ARTISTic. Our desire was to translate our ideal, to transcribe the spirit and soul of our creative house.

To think outside the box, we chose to entrust the mission to a young independent audiovisual production team based in Brussels, Belgium: Teresa Fajardo and Paul Jules Smith.

The specifications were demanding and at the same time we gave them carte blanche. They understood the meaning to be given. They tilted on the emotion sequence to trigger. They were able to give free rein to their imagination and immerse themselves in the world of the collection. 

It is Camille Ninat, a regular in our range, a seasoned and attentive model, who embodied the woman, all women ARTIST that we wanted to symbolize. »

Brigitte and François.

The filming:

March 2021 - 5:30 a.m. Off to Ostend!

Days and days they feverishly wait for this miraculous sun. An almost God in the “flat country” but who plays absent-mindedness and is asked to do so! Until that morning when he deigned to pierce the clouds. It radiates, splashes the decor. Paul and Teresa are jubilant: the right light to burn the film! Camille, the model, the other sun of the day, jumped on a TGV. Just in time to pick it up at the station and the trio heads towards the Belgian coast, along the North Sea. During scouting in De Panne, a nature reserve, via the Ostend lighthouse, then Bredene, to De Haan, they agreed on these cinematic locations.


The presentations:

She is Teresa. Architect Designer, Communications Manager, she coordinates artistic urban projects. His differentiated view pertinently complements the work of their association.

He is Paul. Videographer – Free-Lance Photographer. He does a series of photo shoots and reports, videos, clips and films. He develops his discerning eye and his technique between corporate orders, cultural events and personal creative work.

When one has several strings to his bow, the other wears several hats. Through wonderful encounters and wonderful coincidences (are there any?), together they take pleasure in taking on a few challenges; those that trigger the right adrenaline rush. 

For ARTIST, the Brussels pair therefore lent themselves to the exercise of the staging, the image, the message. Close-up on some key moments.

The script:

“The collection was the trigger. Well-being, good feelings, colors, the unexpected. 

All these little things that poeticize existence, a moment or an appointment.

We said to ourselves that it would be her, the collection: the star, the main actress, the star, the 1is role ! 

From there, it was smooth enough to roll out a note of intent. We had our scenario: to tell the story of the complicity, the communion, between a woman and her wardrobe.

Like a confidante, a second skin, a double, a mirror. A friend, a soul mate who reassures her, resources her, protects her, envelops her, makes her life better, who takes on as many colors as she has shapes, proposals, suggestions...
The one who cracks her up. Makes her irresistible. Gives her superpowers of seduction, sometimes rocker, romantic, fatal, natural, facetious, discreet,... 

The realization: 

All this in 1 minute!! We felt the weight of the stakes but we knew we could overcome the pressure.

In just 1 minute, represent a brand that is inspired by very different works of art, that reinvents itself with each collection, that moves, that pushes the limits... Support Brigitte and François in the development of their culture and their values ​​also taught us a lot. We were free and at the same time guided.

They too let themselves be done under our gaze, through our images.

We were looking for a common thread. A sort of red thread that we preferred PINK. In his colorama, Artist uses it in touches, in spots, in lines, in lines, in gradients. Neon, powdery, fuchsia, pale... In a way, the collection makes the wearer see life in pink. This color represents softness, a mix of seduction, happiness, tenderness, youth.

On the horizon, in the background, we wanted to image and color the kindness displayed towards all women by the Artist brand. This is one of their strong values, what makes them different, and we wanted to highlight it delicately. »

The end clap.

Teresa and Paul


Chloé, the Voice Over of the video

ARTIST, My brand
You're taking me with you,
You set the tone,
The colors of time.
My difference,
My grace,
My audacity.
I flirt
your expressions.
My fantasy,
My soulmate.
Touch of chic,
Golden veil.
Your stories...
I give in!
Summer splinters,
Honey light.
Your horizons
are dancing
With the sky.
We go well together,
We look alike.
What would I be without you?


Opening credits:

Teresa Fajardo and Paul Jules Smith, direction /

Camille Ninat, model 

Chloé Despax, voice

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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  • Van craen

    Bonjour, je suis le propriétaire de la villa au coq (de haan). Pour quelques euros je vois aurais ouvert les volets de la maison… la villa est assez filmée et prises en photo, mais c est la première fois que je vois quelqu’un se mettre en scène dessus…

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