“Olympus”: Urban and pictorial morphology

Until March 3, 2024, this collection can be summed up in 2 words: attitude and personality.

By mimicry, it reflects the daring aesthetic that beats to the rhythm of the city of Athens, a canvas of inspiration.

To put together your outfit, take inspiration from the “Olympe collection, by the artist Daniel Rich and add your own personal touch.

With its urban lines, the beauty of this meticulously painted architecture is then found so carefully designed in functional sections. Chameleons, textile prints illustrate light and colors, streets, houses and terraces as if we were there.

For the painter – photographer Daniel Rich, the city (in general) stands out for the energy it brings to its inhabitants. It is made of intense explorations and spontaneous creativity through photography, street art, and later his painting.

In this clothing theme, the predominantly cupro material of the skirt, jacket, or pants falls impeccably. In monochrome, the dark sapphire blue is also available on 2 permanent Superstretch pants, long and short version.


All the meshes, meticulously chosen for their comfort, adapt to all situations. Clean geometric design or resumption of the city landscape, all the tops follow the morphology of the body, like that of the city. A completely printed flowing dress, another straight one, Courrèges spirit, follow the rhythm.

 In the city, there is only one step between the office, the gym, the children's activities, the cinema, dinner with friends, the weekend with the family.

 Behind a rather casual look there is indeed a set of lifestyle habits and an aspiration to live life on a daily basis. Easily, without asking too many questions or wasting precious time, we adopt these simple and unique pieces from ARTIST, well adorned from head to toe. Urban style, a culture in its own right since the artist’s adolescence

“Very quickly, I became interested in graffiti, I observed them on trains on the way to school. I spent a lot of time in urban skateboarding environments, encountering hip-hop and other influences, street sports, the main vectors of images and cultural codes. I developed a great attraction to architecture. I became aware of its importance in society very early on.

At the age of 19, I had the opportunity to study graphic design at the Atlanta College of Art, in the USA . This is where I discovered my love for painting, especially graffiti painting.

My interest in art really comes from skateboarding “ma madeleine de Proust”.

My parents took me to museums and my grandfather, who was a craftsman and artist of sorts, played a leading role. He lived with us and had a workshop in the basement. He made lots of things for my sister and me.

Daniel Rich quotes Ed Ruscha, American painter, photographer and director known for his paintings and drawings including words or phrases, as well as for his artists' books which marked the art history of the 60s in both pop art and conceptual art.

From Athens, which he visited in 2009, he will give his artistic vision through this painting spotted by ARTIST.

 In 2011, while the country was hit by the crisis, the municipality of Athens became aware of the evil that was already hitting its city, nicknamed by Athenians “city of concrete or cement”. It is therefore beginning a global urban reinvestment to rethink the city center. “Re-think Athens”.


Represented by Miles McEnery Gallery in New York City, Usa


His 7th personal exhibition Parallels opened there on February 8 until the 23 March 2024.


He is also at Weber Fine Art in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA


It is in Los Angeles that we will also find him at the beginning of March as part of an exhibition organized by the SPRING/BREAK curatorial team.

He has regularly and for a long time participated in personal or collective events in different American states as well as in Europe.

Born in Ulm, Germany in 1977, Daniel Rich lives and works between Berlin, Germany and Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Studies in the United States:

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Maine,

MFA, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts,

BFA, Atlanta College of Art, Georgia.




Publié par François Gadrey, Co-fondateur d'Artist La marque.

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