ARTIST takes you to this prodigious place, in the heart of Paris where Tatjana Labossière received Brigitte and François to share passion and the pleasures of meeting, and to initiate the development of their superb collaboration around her print and the theme “ÉCLOSION”.


His typically Parisian workshop dates from the 1900s. Nestled in a green alley, almost hidden, you can see absolutely nothing from the street. In the 14th arrondissement, it is not uncommon to find charming addresses where former stonemasons worked. The neighborhood still has many active artists, installed here both to benefit from a particular atmosphere conducive to inspiration, but also to contribute to its contagion.


Our visual artist's mini-garden provides her with a haven of peace, a vast area where her art is possible, even life-size. This magical space offers his works a perfect setting and zenithal light.



Every Thursday and by appointment, Tatjana Labossière opens the doors of her creative den for a guided tour of sculptures and prints. His personal welcome enriches the visitor's immersion in his world where the smell of turpentine (his Madeleine de Proust) recalls that of pine. Generously, the artist offers all his time that day to explain his way of working, his vision and his perception of the world.


We can grasp some reading keys from seeing her caparisoned in her armor to tame the metal or in overalls to paint her aerial engravings.

Deeply connected to the earth, her subjective translation of the 4 elements such as fire, air, earth and water expels intense energy through her works.


So close to nature, she has just read “In search of the mother tree” by Suzanne Simard published by Dunod. A book that tells how trees could save us. An approach and understanding that anchor him in the expression of his art. Despite this solid, curious and insatiable roots, she also finds new sources of inspiration in the ardor and dynamism that emanate from the city.


 Exhibited, visible on social networks, Tatjana Labossière receives a lot of feedback. In connection with her admirers, their understanding, their sensitivity, their interest in all of her production nourishes her and touches her deeply.


Recently requested by a family of textile industrialists, a major project could be taking shape for the Indigo Museum in Ahmedabad in eastern Gujarat, in west-central India. Suspense ! ARTIST wishes him all the luck to see this project come to fruition.


Permanent presence :


- In private collections in France, Europe and internationally.

- In the suites of the Kempinski hotels in Frankfurt and Hyatt in Zurich or even companies like Vinci…

- At the new Scotiabank headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Masterful scenography of a monumental print on glass.

Tatjana participates in personal and group exhibitions and has won several awards. Member of the Taylor Foundation which has worked since 1844 to defend artists.


Galleries :


- Zeuxis, Amélie Maison d’Art - 18 Rue Séguier, 75006 Paris –

- Between the gates and the river - The gates in Ré 17 -



https :// -




Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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