Key piece: the velvet A-LINE DRESS

In " The New World » d’Artist, the long-sleeved trapeze dress in printed cotton velvet is highlighted.

Emblem of the 60s and 70s and the emancipation of women, the dress remains relevant, timeless, a timeless basic. 

Deciphering a trend that continues to seduce.

What is a 'trapeze' dress? » ?

The trapeze dress is a structured “3 hole” with a straight flared cut so it’s not too close to the body. Easy to put on, so practical, and it immediately has its effect!

For the less adept, it's good to try new things, to change, to surprise.

In its autumn version, Artist stylized it with long sleeves, very seventies.

Its origin  ?

Imagined by the designer André Courrèges, the trapeze dress was born in 1964 and stood out for its avant-garde cut which shook up the codes.

It has the charm of retro cuts and the visionary look of futuristic ones. We love it for this surprising duality and for its different styles imbued with elegant and relaxed modernity.

How to wear it ?

Versatile, it is the ideal companion for all occasions. Simple for everyday or sophisticated for different events.

Working girl? To go to work, show the colors!

For a more contemporary look? Try derbies with short socks or boots. 

A fan of rock inspiration? Take out your biker boots and dare!

For a retro silhouette? Pumps and trompe-l'oeil clutch, sixty style.

For a night ? Wear it belted, with retro glasses, a pearl necklace and ballet flats.


For it to be a successful purchase, we think about the accessories that will transform the dress. It can be worn with flat shoes, high heels, wedges, sneakers, a jacket, a cardigan, a necklace, a scarf...

The secret to a good look often lies in the way you mix it: a square around the neck or in the hair, a belt, a hat or a bonnet…


The velvet 

To interpret it Brigitte and François chose velvet known for its softness and warmth. 

From the Latin "vilosus" (hairy), it is a fabric short on one side and covered on the other with erect, very tight hairs, held together by the threads allowing a good hold of the fabric.

Made of cotton elastane, this garment with an impeccable fit is comfortable due to its elasticity.


The most important thing when washing velvet is to preserve the soft texture of its delicate down.

Before washing, turn your garment inside out so that you are dealing with the flat side.

If you plan to machine wash, remember to place a small load in the drum. Furthermore, be sure to use a special detergent for delicate laundry. Start the delicate program on your washing machine which reduces the number of spin revolutions to avoid excessive compression. Make sure the water temperature is cold or cool. Ban bleach and fabric softeners as they risk damaging the velvety appearance.

Once the cycle is complete, quickly remove from the machine then hang on a wide hanger or lay flat to dry. Your dress will keep its shape. Do not fold when storing to prevent any creases from forming.

If you choose to wash by hand, do not let your piece soak for too long in soapy water as this risks altering its original color. It is recommended not to twist the fabric in order to maintain its shape and velvety appearance. Then rinse thoroughly, remembering to brush from top to bottom.

Drying and ironing

Be careful, especially no tumble dryer. And once dry, a brush is enough to revive its soft texture.

With 1 point iron and imperatively inside out.


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Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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