Full sun, full summer!

« Under the sun exactly, not next to it, not anywhere, ...just below …»

 ARTIST announces a shock duo between its mid-summer Ready-to-Wear line and the sun to warm up the summer season without restraint.

A sunny yellow to plunge into the heart of summer, a vermillion red to prolong its flamboyant sunset. ARTIST invites the star of stars into its “Plein Soleil” collection.

This time, all the light, lightness and freshness of this Art-à-Porter emanate from the work of Antoine PETEL, visual artist. This is the other summer duo: textile materials and shapes animate the slender and colorful piece of art.

Brigitte and François took great pleasure in this work of free interpretation. The reticulated wire sculpture draws a set of gently intertwining loops. A mixture of metal as resistant as it is light and multicolored ceramic. Visually, the small pieces of earth offer random play of textures and shine.

For the artist as for the clothing brand, the relationship with color is dominant, a leitmotif.

Antoine Petel strives to make his compositions vibrant with sparkle. In their environment, each figure, each key depends only on its neighbor. Color, like music, is a collective adventure.

The resemblance between their way of working, the common points between their creative spaces intrigued the painter-visual artist when ARTIST opened the door to his studio. Curious about what this could give, intrigued by the result of this transformation from one volume to others.

He who likes to convey the idea of ​​an incompleteness of the piece when it is finished, wanted to extend the momentum of life of his protean work.

The fact of first meeting a creator, “a player of forms”, led me without difficulty into this collaboration… I believe that my artistic instinct and professionalism d’Artist Studio BF have finally convinced me. » The confidence portends a happy outcome on the outcome of this meeting.

The clothing theme is available for the desire for subtly asserted fantasies. Every day, we dress easily but with style. For a more marked moment, we ensure an offbeat silhouette, so in keeping with summer that we will savor.

It starts with an all-over print: you choose between three possibilities.

Trousers with a style marked by two large pockets in their vermilion or sunburst variant.

Or you can opt for the mid-length skirt with a flared cut and identical pattern.


The dress with wide straps, only red, on the other hand, plays on two patterns, the brightest of which is inserted on the bust.

Extrapolation of the sculpture of Antoine Petel, another print and multicolored embroidery repeat the same undulating arabesque on the rest of the models:

  • A white jacket in a high-end technical knit with the “sensitive” label. Beautiful crossover and strewn with embroidery elevate it to the pinnacle of chic!


  • Like a men's suit vest, this ultra-feminine one can be worn like a tank top next to the skin, or layered over it. Sassy casualness!


  • The viscose satin of a sleeveless top lets out a solar rosette, a dazzling top!


  • A gradient graphic on a V-neck top, an easy little piece!


  • Unique design but two orders of magnitude on an essential cardigan!


  • The print is intense on both sides on the silk of a more than refined scarf!


  • On a top with slightly balloon sleeves, the inlaid embroidery takes up the colors of the original work and in the background, a pearl gray thread traces the metal structure.


The artist Antoine PETEL can be discovered or seen again from May 15 to June 7, 2024 at the Galerie des Ateliers Beaux-Artsde la Ville de Paris - 80 Bd du Montparnasse 75014.



Dernières E X P O S I T I O N S  P E R S O N N E L L E S


2023 “Ecloses” Galerie Liusa Wang, 77 rue des Archives, Paris

2021 “Rising sap” Atelier Blanc, Villefranche de Rouergue

2019-2020 “crystals and pollen” Galerie Mansard, Paris

2017-2018 « Formal charm : variation and apical cell » Galerie Mansard, Paris



Dernières E X P O S I T I O N S   C O L L E C T I V E S


2022 “CahorsJuinJardins” Contemporary Art Festival, Cahors

2019 Salon Start, with Galerie Galearte, Strasbourg

2019 “Anatomies” La Fabrica 114, rue de Bercy, Paris

2018 “natural stories” La Fabrica 114, rue de Bercy, Paris





Born in Le Havre in 1956

Lives and works in Montreuil

mail : antoinepetel@free.fr

instagram : @petelantoine

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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