To move up in rank

Unanimously, it was agreed, ARTIST deserved it and earned its artist stripes.

Artists” we write it in the plural to congratulate the two founders, Brigitte and François, but also the entire team around them.

 Beyond the metaphor, what exactly is a galon?

 Very simply, it is a narrow strip of thick, tight fabric that is placed on the edge or on the seams, to prevent it from fraying, or more nobly, in order to adorn the garment.

Originally it was fabric of gold, silver, silk, thread, wool, etc. In the military, officers and non-commissioned officers wear them on the sleeves or shoulders of their uniform, on their kepi or cap to distinguish their rank.

Due to its particularity, it experienced early mechanization: in fact, a so-called “youngest” loom, capable of weaving several pieces at the same time, was developed as early as the17thcentury. Know-how in which France has excelled since the 18th century.

In Europe, long a monopoly of Basel (Switzerland), mechanical trades were introduced after 1772 in France, notably in Normandy, in Lieuvin (dpt of Eure), and in the Saint-Etienne region. (Loire) which has become a major manufacturing center. Same at the time in Comines-Warneton in Belgium.


At its peak, around 1900, ribbon making employed thousands of people in our country. Two regions dominated the market, including Saint-Étienne (42) for luxury and fashion ribbon.

On the eve of the First World War, this sector employed 30,000 people and supported more than 80,000 people in the Saint-Étienne region alone with related industries!

Due to the role of fashion requiring great flexibility to adapt to its whims, production for a long time combined work from home and in the factory.

Because they share the same values, humility, inventiveness, sense of service, ARTIST instinctively cites two local partners: SATAB in Haute-Loire and JULIEN FAURE in Loire. But today there are around fifty companies in France whose work in this specialty must be saluted.

If we take a close look at these two regional ones, SATAB and JULIEN FAURE, suppliers of ARTIST, who stimulate its stylistic creativity, we learn that they have established themselves as world references in the fashion, ready-to-wear and luxury markets.

Brigitte and François glean lace, protruding items, plain or jacquard braids, piping, grosgrain... The range, enhanced by a palette of colors, personalizes the ARTIST.

French and European leaders, these independent family companies create, weave, braid and knit ribbons, braids, straps, cords and other narrow textile items.

Multi-specialists, they put their expert teams at the service of the fashion, packaging, haberdashery, creative hobbies, home decoration, industry and health markets.

With the trivialization of consumption, we must point out the importance of the common or utility ribbon made of linen, cotton, synthetic or mixed fabric. The ribbon-making tradition still includes shoe laces, camera straps, seat belts, straps for mountaineers and paragliders...



By combining their production tools, 150 years old for the oldest machines, up to 21st century equipment, and the knowledge of their profession, these French manufacturers favor a dynamic of permanent innovation, and capture numerous markets export.

The Living Heritage Company (EPV) label, a mark of recognition from the State, distinguishes them both in terms of excellence.

At ARTIST, we don't have a label, well not yet, but it's a principle, we make well-cut, comfortable and well-fitting pants.

Based on this premise, we also and above all make beautiful pants, very beautiful in fact! For that matter !

Not for nothing has ARTIST earned its artist stripes. We don't say things lightly!

See you at the next session – February 17 to 26, 2023 – to prove it to yourself!

New pants, well cut, stylish, feminine. The little extra? A side braid, a vertical tone-on-tone, satin stripe, which runs over the entire leg, thus highlighting. An elegant business pants type model; an incognito tuxedo look with its topstitched edging; a fitted tuxedo-style bottom but absolutely casual.

In short, something to get excited about!



In 1973, under the leadership of Claude (JULIEN FAURE group) and his silky friends, 15 companies from the Lyon region founded the PREMIÈRE VISION salon, which became the 1re global platform for clothing fabrics.



Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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