For spring 2023, we were looking for a universe, an inspiration around exploration, a photo safari, large expanses. Stimulated by our stubborn desire for the tones of the African savannah, we wanted natural and deep shades, those of the wild earth, the sun and the heat. Shades of honey ocher and beige in a nod to Sydney Polack's unforgettable film “Out of Africa” released in 1985.

 Once upon a time Thierry Boitier… 1 year ago, we were shocked by his artistic work. Almost immediately, we arrived in his workshop in Foix in Ariège.

 Welcomed with music because his place is inhabited by paintings, photographs and sounds linked to all his creative endeavors. Very touched on a human level by this man of the image in its noblest sense, we were just as touched by the painter, visual artist, photographer. Colors, sensations, emotions, harmony of sound and image, the symbiosis is palpable and displayed before our eyes.

The photo that loves us displays an indecent range of immensity, calm and rarity. A place still preserved, a still paradise island that he has cherished for more than 20 years.

 This exoticism explodes in our faces. Very mastered graphic parts and color charts, this is exactly the work we were chasing.

 Thierry Boitier totally understood, admitted, respected it. And we are still infinitely grateful to him. He allowed us all the freedoms. We did what we wanted and built our “SAFARI” collection based and above all on the general color atmosphere, between sand and deep vegetal green. We extracted and took advantage of areas like layers which we reorganized into exclusive prints vertically or horizontally.

From this untamed space, we took away the silent breath, the invitation to travel, the colors of exotic nature. From an island, we remembered the distance, the warm and colorful light. To quench our thirst for Saharan adventure, find another land just as depopulated, desert and majestic dunes...


Trousers with pockets, a dress, a short-sleeved top with "roll up" adjustment tabs, an ornate cardigan, a really cute blouse, a fancy top with long flared sleeves, and the grandiose silk square with the image of the original photo by Thierry Boitier.


The centerpiece of this superb series: The SAHARIENNE. Its very high quality cotton lycra material reflects its warm sand color and enhances the khaki green print placed in a frieze across the entire lower part of the jacket. A very successful jacket, strongly characterized, undeniably comfortable, suitable for mid-season as well as for the summer heat.

Very popular in spring and summer, this nomadic style can be worn in all seasons if you use protective layering for colder times.

A theme, 8 timeless and chic fashion pieces.

 "SAFARI" session in progress, from January 13 to 22, 2023, quickly plan your city version adventure wardrobe or why not your outfits for climbing into a jeep, follow the trail of a nature reserve to observe little-known animals.

The Studio BF.

Painter, visual artist, photographer, born in 1960 in Île de France.



Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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