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Sunday March 20 formalizes the 2022 spring equinox and announces the next session ofARTIST March 26 – April 4. Be on time ! With the principle of pre-orders, you will be delivered as the summer solstice approaches. What GET LOST IN THE BLUE !

This time, it’s the inclination towards a Mediterranean summer, a penchant BLUE/WHITE, a celestial ardor to interpret a new sartorial story, transfigured from the pictorial poetry of Catherine Cazau painter, engraver, author, visual artist.

For the occasion, the brandArt-to-Wear went on another aesthetic path of the artist drôme. Already revealed in the theme “ Originally », a very different first collaboration had received deserved success.

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Fascinated, Catherine Cazau declares his love of the imprint. A distant and persistent revelation which inhabits him, exults him. Everything that is “trace” poetizes all of his work.

From his series of blue papers entitled “ written pages », Brigitte and François have imagined their summer color chart. To energize this collection, they let their shades of blue: cobalt, azurite, sapphire, ultramarine. This intense color which has the chic to bring a touch of contemporary elegance. The next ten models, developed like ten chosen pieces, whispered like ten blue words, are so many evocations of the sky and the horizon, of the sea and its foamy curves. Ample, fluid shapes guarantee freshness. White, an accomplice color, accentuates the cleverly combined prints of dots, random geometry, repetitions... Discover urgently!


The carefully chosen materials caress this luminous and two-tone atmosphere. Satiny and distinguished, the cupro/viscose dresses all silhouettes. Very comfortable, mesh viscose/elastane give character to irresistible tops.

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His technique of postponement :

As in engraving, a technique that she masters perfectly, Catherine Cazau begins by painting on a sheet and transfers it to the final support (canvas, paper).

Depending on the pressure, the application tears off the base color, leaving less rigid traces, stains and gaps, irregular contours. Without preconceived ideas, the work takes shape gradually, generated by the hand of chance. Equipped with several precious boxes containing a multitude of archives, the artist cuts and then assembles these Japanese or other papers that she has already painted. These are plates of points, squares, rectangles, circles, tasks galore. She uses them to break the lines, create variations, deconstruct the whole. The miracle is accomplished, the result becomes more sensitive, more humble too.

His interpretation : Write with color, engrave with material, paint with words…

“I carry out two types of work in parallel or almost. They respond to each other and are necessary to me.

I express myself on the one hand on paper where I mix engraving, painting, signs and collages miscellaneous ; and I also paint on canvas with a very present texture where different symbols and assemblages mingle, or it is prints which constitute the essential part of my work... My work is definitely abstract, minimalist, often monochrome. I use various textures, very tactile thicknesses, to express the subtle, the inexpressible, the invisible…

I experiment every time. I like this risk-taking. The material, the gesture create successive layers. There are transformations, imperfections. The result, which one might think clumsy, interests me, it delivers something else..." the painter confides to us.

On his last painting, barely dry, Catherine C. spread 10 to 15 coats of paint. To bring out the colors underneath, she scratched, clawed, attacked with a cutter in clumsy signs. Scarce the canvas. Cross out, engrave presence and absence at the same time, just perhaps for their absolute plastic beauty?

Admirer of Brassaï French photographer of Hungarian origin (1899-1984), herself has photographed, since the beginning of her artistic journey, the "graffiti" of Nature, traces on the snow, incisions on tree trunks, stones like carved… His daily view open to the beauty of the world, buried in his memory, resurfaces unconsciously to accompany and nourish his calligraphy of the day. In this case, its interpretation in major blue to create this wonderfully deep and inspiring painting. ARTIST enjoyed getting lost there to find you better.

Tribute : the BLUE is also the allegory of peace. These days, we would like to paint the world blue, so blue, so peaceful.

The galleries of Catherine CAZAU :

Facebook : catherine.cazau - Instagram : catherinecazau -

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Milecki

    J’ai hâte de recevoir ma robe et mon
    débardeur : magnifique bleu et bravo à l’artiste et à vous pour cette magnifique collection.

  • Nadine Keller

    Superbe j’ai hâte de découvrir cette collection le choix de la toile me plaît beaucoup je suis curieuse de voir ce que Brigitte et François auront créé pour nous 😁

  • Toussaint

    J’ai hâte 💙

  • Dinzart

    J’avais adoré la collection ‘A l’origine’. Je suis très sensible au rendu de couleur des oeuvres de Catherine, Cazau, j’adore ces dégradés, ces nuances. Ce bleu est magnifique, je suis impatiente de voir les interprétations dans la prochaine collection.

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