Favor a more ethical relationship with women's clothing fashion and a more transparent one with all the co-producers ofARTIST La Marque. Change the relationship to consumption. Among the brand's committed choices: fair prices all year round and the end of the sales.

Why has the proliferation of markdown operations become a symbol of overconsumption?

Reminder on the origin of the balances

It all began in the 19th century, in 1852 Aristide Boucicaut opened one of the first Parisian novelty stores called “Le Bon Marché”. Among many other ideas, he decided to make room for future collections and therefore to sell off his unsold items from previous seasons. We could also cite “Le Printemps” (opened in 1865), or even “La Samaritaine” and “Le Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville / B.H.V (1904). In order to regulate this practice (the only time when selling at a loss is authorized), a first law was published in 1906. From there, clearance sales of all kinds, offers and discounts, private sales... have continued to evolve over the years. decades, parting the crowds in search of the best nugget.

The phenomenon

Every year, fashion players impatiently await these famous periods to destock… and boost their turnover. The frantic pace, the incessant running are like this, the habits are well-anchored. It’s difficult to forget the highlight of the “demarcation”. For good reason, it allows as many people as possible to obtain quality parts at a lower cost. The argument is not only admissible but of course understandable. It democratized much so that it became the norm. It is nevertheless a logic which has many faults – notably that of making the meaning of prices disappear. Shouldn't we explain to everyone the value of clothing and the workings of the industry?

There is no question of making anyone feel guilty, but rather of making people think and putting pleasure back into the act of purchasing. No longer just buying a “good deal” which ultimately isn’t a deal (!) when we buy a product for its discount and not because we like it? Could there be an addiction to promotion?

Of course, we do not have 100% control behind the scenes of the “fashion way of life”, the productions, the conditions, etc.

But trusting a brand that is aware of these issues already means committing, right?

From there to imagine, tomorrow, a world without sales ?

Why not clear the balance?

ARTIST refuses to do so: to mark its societal subscription and not call for overconsumption, but above all to affirm that its prices are studied and adjusted throughout the year.

Direct communication is at the heart of its strategy. She does not hesitate to speak regularly on social networks in order to interact with her community. Women's fashion cannot exist without taking into account something that is now crucial for many consumers: transparency. They want to know what's going on. ARTIST aims to be educational about its approach. Simply discuss, show the path to the most sustainable development possible. Share positive ideas.

The recipe ?

Focus on the essentials on clothing, models that do not lose value. Sell ​​in a more targeted way, produce in smaller quantities to ensure - as best as possible - the flow of stocks.

The full personality of the designers shines through in their collections. We like their transparency displayed on the e-shop, the style, the materials used, the details…

ARTIST doesn't have sales, but that doesn't matter: this is a brand that we want to follow all year round! An Art-à-Porter brand for Women ARTIST in its own right. And a really nice brand, with perfectly cut clothes in beautiful fabrics.

Since its beginnings, ARTIST focuses on true clarity and has chosen to do without any intermediary: its wardrobe therefore goes directly from the workshops to your wardrobe. A wardrobe of good company for long seasons because the quality is indeed there. For the price, the brand remains a safe bet all year round: it's already really good. Selling products that are sometimes considered expensive is not a problem as long as the value for money is always interesting.

Slowly but surely, it grows while remaining faithful to its basic principles: Euro-Mediterranean manufacturing, few intermediaries, and very professional. The fabrics come from the best French or Italian factories, the manufacturing is careful.

Pieces to recommend for women looking for an elegant wardrobe. Trying them means adopting them... and even without going on sale!



Today, the message that Brigitte and François want to convey to their clients is the following:

« We don’t follow any trends, that’s not what influences our creations. Probably the reason our pieces work: they are not dated. »

« To gain and maintain trust, we must redouble our inventiveness and pedagogy. »

« The problem today is that we no longer know the work value, nor the margins, nor even the value of things, not at all that of a piece of clothing. Our products are not ultra-accessible, of course. However, you have to understand what's behind it: European components, properly paid labor, good finishing, added value... once again, the prices offered are based all year round.. »

« No question of selling at a loss. According to the adage, all work deserves pay. We work with reliable suppliers that we know, collaborators that we respect. We want to pay them fairly. Everyone should be paid and be able to make a living from their work.”

The movement is reasonable, justified, and seems attractive. 

It’s a very respectable ethical approach – we’re talking about products that are well made, decent pay and working conditions. But this is not enough. The real potential lies in the uniqueness, the rarity of the almost iconic product. Something, a story, a connection that doesn’t exist elsewhere.

The co-producers love their brand and follow it because they adhere to the concept.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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