The UNI under the ARTIST's brush


Defining a balanced, current and sensible range of colors is one of the pleasant stages of our work. But developing a range of UNIS is far from neutral or easy. Color marks the identity of the ARTIST concept and our Art-à-Porter clothing.

Our choices include a large part of aesthetics and often correspond to the specific sensitivity of ARTIST studio BF.

Upstream, we also consider it pragmatically.

We first think about the destination of this new palette. Based on the next seasons, our next collections will feature the next works which will themselves define the next atmospheres. So, we are looking forward to spring, summer, then fall. The assortment of UNISthat we offer is anticipated to match future fancy models. Our range of colors caters for all styles and tastes. Yours, those who matter to us.

We take great care with the variety of tones, taking care to avoid the “camaieu” effect around the same color. No monotony at ARTIST!

Stick to our reality and compose the spectrum as close as possible to the result we want. From experience, we always work according to materials and accessories, especially when it comes to our collection of plainsin “super lycra” !


Next UNI SUPERLYCRA session online from December 2 to 11.

Quickly, a splash of bright color on the unmissable agenda!

Like the number of possible shades, we want our infinite and inexhaustible resources to renew for you a harmonious range without dissonance.

Color perception responds to well-defined physical principles. It’s all about wavelength and light. Color is a universal “language”.

The color wheel is a tool for representing colors in an orderly manner. It features 12 “pure” colors divided into 3 groups: 3 primary colors, 3 secondary colors, and 6 tertiary colors.

The primary colors, impossible to obtain by mixing:
Magenta red, Primary yellow, Cyan blue
The secondary colors, resulting from the mixture of 2 primary colors:
– Orange (yellow + magenta red)
– Violet (cyan blue + magenta red)
- Green (yellow + cyan blue)
tertiary colors, corresponding to the mixture of a primary color with the closest secondary color on the color wheel:
Orange yellow, Orange red, Violet red, Violet blue, Green blue, Green yellow

In terms of colors, the Pantone brand blows hot and cold in the world of fashion, all sectors combined. Its color chart is today the reference which facilitates the identification of each color by all those involved in the fields of printing, textiles and graphic design.

ARTISTprivileges COLOR and frees itself from the trend of the moment to follow its path, asserting its own lifestyle and fashion. Its pieces, marked by their original shapes, their multicolored prints and their ornate details, have all the more soul when they are highlighted by monochrome allies. Marrying complementarities, matching duos, such is the vocation of the new single-color panorama, still kept secret but to be discovered and shopped very soon.


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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