Tatjana Labossière: the energy of nature

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Born in Nuremberg, Tatjana Labossière grew up with her nose in art. That of her father with whom she is at a good school and whose painting studio holds no secrets for her, both her favorite playground and obvious predilection. Here his multiple artistic passions will awaken, paradoxically opposed and yet complementary: sculpture, painting and engraving of prints.


During his German schooling, art is an integral part of the curriculum, as important as other courses. She learned to carve wood, shape clay and paint. At 10 years old, she received a workbench as a gift! At the age of 16, she started working hard, also working in stone and steel. She welds, grinds and begins sculpture, practice anchored to the body. An obvious fact that inhabits him like second nature.

Having lived in France for several years, she started cutting stones, rediscovering innate, very natural gestures. Dialogue with trees and plants, collecting stones in the mountains are fundamental moments for getting closer to the soul of Nature and nourishing one's even more stimulated creativity.


Then one day, she decided to abandon foundry work and the production of numbered sculptures in bronze and resins to only create unique works. All his works are always unitary originals exclusively made by his hands.

Aesthetics combined with technical complexity, his creations are part of the movement of a sober and elegant design, pure and fascinating, where the human being remains humble in the face of the grandeur of the elements.

The meeting of contrary elements like water and fire causes reactions that create energy... A kind of spark. I therefore seek to create this sensation in the mind of those who look at my pieces. » Tatjana Labossiere.

 Lien : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpi9ggiJ_lM

Yes, energy is everywhere, it is life itself. The artist immerses himself deeply in it, transmitting it powerfully to help each spectator feel it, reconnect with nature, the bearer of a positive force leading to well-being and balance.

 A graduate of the Fine Arts of Versailles in the sculpture section, she also discovered engraving there at this time. The different printing techniques on paper that she explores in her own way lead her to develop her own method, very personal and very sculptural.

 In contrast to the work of her sculpture which requires great physical vitality, Tatjana Labossièreexplores and considers engraving as a moment of reflection and meditation.

Each of his prints has its own unique character. Here again, she developed her distinctive engraving technique, on the border between the two strings to her bow. She “sculpts” shapes that she inks and prints on paper. This results in spontaneous, colorful work, figures that wander lightly in the space of a sheet.

I observe, I contemplate nature with sensitivity to understand its essence. I seek to capture its soul to translate it into color and shapes. My prints play with material, they are volumes that are reminiscent of stones, leaves that express vital energy. By superimposing them, I seek to reveal delicate transparencies. TL.


See you on February 12th, you might meet her!


Permanent presence :


- In private collections in France, Europe and internationally.

- In the suites of the Kempinski hotels in Frankfurt and Hyatt in Zurich or even companies like Vinci…

- At the new Scotiabank headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Masterful scenography of a monumental print on glass.

Tatjana participates in personal and group exhibitions and has won several awards. Member of the Taylor Foundation which has worked since 1844 to defend artists.


Galleries :

- Zeuxis, Amélie Maison d’Art - 18 Rue Séguier, 75006 Paris – https://www.amelie-paris.com

- Between the gates and the river - The gates in Ré 17 - https://www.entreportesetriviere.wixsite.com



https ://tatjana-labossiere.com - tatjana.labossiere@gmail.com


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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