All the arts of Olivier Morel

Nourished on a daily basis by the spectacle of life, enriched by proximity as well as by distance, everything that disturbs the artist Olivier Morelawakens all his senses. He therefore profusely explores all territories of expression and creation. In other words, he works all the time, everywhere!


The objective of this last Sunday of the “Legend of Autumn” session? Stay in his captivating company and learn from his talent. Marvel a little more. Alas, the session closes at 8 p.m.! Until the last minute, inventory a few works in the impressive work with multiple variations.



In the “Forêts” series, the canvas chosen and therefore at the heart of the very latest Art-à-Porter collection, emblematic of autumn magnified by the synergy of the principle, coincides perfectly with the free and colorful style of ARTIST. More broadly, the overall work of this artistic collaboration raises the question of the preservation of nature and the ethics of sustainable development, a common point between the stylistic creation studio and the painter fiercely attached to these values.

The “Legend of Autumn” collection, a printed representation of a beech forest of erect trees, an explosion of deep, autumnal colors, transcribes the full place of nature in the latest strong themes of forest paintings , mountains... Nature has taken over, as if it was regaining its rights.


For Olivier Morel, each new canvas is dizzying as if he had never painted. An exceptional moment where his hand anticipates will and consciousness. His brush traces figures on the frame that go beyond what he had imagined, with ease and inventiveness. Demanding, exclusive even, painting does not tolerate anyone else at home, manages its schedule... As if under the influence, by dint of choreography, rhythm, sometimes desperate gestures, the artist completes his work as if giving birth.


Decorative arts


  • The “Labyrinthe 2K2” rug, further proof of the creative genius of Olivier Morel,

highlights the importance of perpetuating and promoting traditions and artisanal know-how, while adapting them to contemporary aesthetic requirements. His engraving “Labyrinthe 2K2” was first acquired in May 2019 by the Mobilier National with a view to creating a carpet whose weaving began in November 2021 at the Manufacture de la Savonneriein Paris.


The secrets of the labyrinth – Excerpt from the blog he wrote on December 1, 2022:

“…It is difficult to determine the time required for its completion. Another 5 or 6 years of work, maybe more. The important thing is not the end but the journey, what is happening at every moment on the loom with the selvedge team. The dance of the agile fingers sliding the shuttle between the threads evokes the magic of ancient times, Penelope, the Fates…

The chromatic range of the cardboard which serves as a model for weaving the carpet is inspired by my painting “Jellyfish 4”. During the transposition phase, the number of colors of the carpet was reduced to 44. Since none of these colors existed in the Savonnerie Color Chart, they had to be created in the dyeing workshop. Each new shade bearing the name of the creator of the carpet, there are now 44 Olivier Morel colors among the 16,000 already preserved.

Labyrinth 2K2 refers to Gothic labyrinths like the pavement of Chartres Cathedral. However, its structure draws its source from a detail of the Kongokai mandala of the Japanese Shingon school of Buddhism.

It also pays homage to medieval mille-fleurs tapestries, including the enigmatic and sumptuous cycle of the Lady and the Unicorn. Cleome, iris, rose… The modules of the labyrinth are printed on the checkerboard of flowers. The foot - an incentive to take off your shoes -, the triangle and the hand indicate the entrances, inviting you to a sensual and meditative stroll..."

The constant focus on excellence in this captivating creation brings this one-of-a-kind work of art to life and invites the viewer to delve into a dreamlike and contemplative universe.

  • Among his other achievements, the restoration of an old chest of drawers stands out for his attention to detail, his impeccable technique and his love for objects from the past. Exhibited in June 2023, the story of the piece saved from oblivion will tell its second incarnation. Olivier Morel, talented restorer, is recognized for his expertise in the preservation and revitalization of authentic furniture. It thus participates in supporting works from diverse backgrounds,

for transmission to future generations.


Alongside his activities as a visual artist, he regularly works in the field of children's illustration. He is notably the author of two albums and co-author of the collection “All my stories of art” published by Courtes and Longues. He has collaborated with the Dada magazine since 2003 (more than 70 issues).




Olivier Morel lives and works in Paris.


He is represented in the Louis Gendre Chamalières galleries - and Red Zone Geneva/Switzerland and Frankfurt/Germany -

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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