Despite the success of around sixty works, some highlights at La Grande Librairie or on Radio France among others, he remained a simple, discreetly luminous author.

The French writer and poet Christian Bobin born in the cradle of Le Creusot will never have left him until last week when the announcement of his death left us without words.

Like no other, he described his beloved city with streets “pure from being disenchanted”. 

Extremely sensitive, he spoke as he wrote. His words and his steps caught the light.

Here below, he knew how to rejoice in everyday life which he magnified to the point of guiding hearts.

The ARTIST team had come across the touchingly simple man and shared the attachment of this “almost neighbor” to this corner of Burgundy.

 The brand had succumbed to the talent of the author to the point of asking him to write an artistic page together. A few years ago, Brigitte and François were preparing a collection on scriptures and had imagined using poetic sentences. Admiring Christian Bobin, they asked him for the possibility of borrowing a few sentences from him. It was unfortunately the most beautiful, the most poetic negative response ever received. Just and striking words from a modest and caring man, from an author whose time stands still.


ARTIST and Christian Bobin faithfully maintained the same and vivid memory of their mutual friend Daniel Puymèges, who had gone to other skies as a scout. No doubt the time for them to resume the course of their happy conversations...

 The deeply generous work, turned towards others, the beauty and infinity of the world, distills book after book its sense of life and surprises like the astonishing visit of a soul awaited without knowing it.


“La Folle Allure” remains my favorite work because it’s a bit like a summer dress as light as it is insolent that mocks winter! » comments François Gadrey, saddened but honored, happy with this meeting highlighted as a rare moment in life. 

 “The crazy pace” is a way of saying yes to life and saying no to the stones that get stuck in our sometimes too narrow shoes. Summary. (Editions Gallimard 1995)


ARTIST joins all those who wish the very best to the one who wrote “Le Très-Bas” Éditions Gallimard.



Christian Bobin 1951 - 2022


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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