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Since mid-May, in the company of our guest artist, the community ARTIST rejoices in the discovery of his universe. Through his work “The New World”, we are captivated by so much skill and his impressive address. We took her at her word because Marion Legouy gave us a great address, a detour to make. It's over there !

For you, we followed it to 23 rue de Neuilly in Fontenay-sous-Bois (94), in the Paris region. This is its address, its unique space for both work and exhibitions. This favorite place of which she speaks with overflowing attachment is called THE FOUNDRY.

Let’s go for a guided tour!

East of Ile de France, the association La Fonderie, a vast cultural center invites you to stroll through1,600 m2 of creative workshops at the crossroads of 3 parks: that of the Town Hall, that of the Franciscans, and the very one on which the building was edified. This route is at the heart of green traffic, a project initiated by the city of Fontenay-sous-Bois.


In 2006, the owner of the premises transferred his aluminum foundry to Champigny sur Marne. Without interruption, industrial activity has become artistic, and abundant life continues. For sure, at The Foundry it works! There, they are all fond of arts and crafts. All animated by the same sacred fire of Creation which Marion Legouy carries high and with them the scope of art!

The Foundry, center of artistic creation:

30 workshops, a formidable collective of around forty artists from countless fields.

Site of contagious inspiration, The Foundry has the dual objective of promoting artistic, artisanal and cultural activity and visibility. It opens premises and workshops; she is developing a project, a real laboratory of collective culture open to her region.

From the beginning, in March 2006, The Foundry wanted to be a third place in its own right, a work and creativity tool, a meeting place for demonstrations and events.

The Foundry, its artists:

Marion L. depicts the men and women who compose it as “The Musicians of Bremen”, the famous tale of the Brothers Grimm. Their union is the strength of this wasteland in its history full of plural talents. A story of solidarity, mutual aid, emulation, exchanges, connections and progress.

Melting pot, meeting point where various expressions meet and mingle, theThe association brings together a great artistic diversity from which it draws all its originality and the strong identity of the collective:
Painting, Sculpture, Video, Photography, Ceramics, Ironwork, Carpentry, Design and Architecture, Engraving, Illustration, Installation, Cabinetmaking, Construction, Dance…

The multiplicity of aesthetic approaches encourages confrontations and collaborations that can open up to the unexpected and the unprecedented.

Among these tenants, no star, with or without notoriety, benevolence prevails. No judgment on the production of one or the other. The artist/artisan couple remains simple as on the first day. Everyone contributes to the smooth running of the organization and its maintenance. Most work in another profession and contribute their experience and skills. On a voluntary basis, everyone gives their time and in their own way to the management service, to repairs, to transformations. 

The Foundry, its foundations:

Since its foundation, its vocation has retained its full meaning. The quality of its crucible allows it to resist and last. Its shared philosophy commands respect and each member commits, free to follow another path if one day the time comes.

The Foundry brings together and its unity is committed to an economic and educational dimension. 

The initial objective welcoming diverse audiences and groups remains whole, founding. The Foundry it means offering very open possibilities for activities, from the presentation of exhibitions to the production of events also welcoming the performing arts (performance, theater and music); places for internships and training, discovery and initiation.

The Foundry, its projects, its exhibitions:

Very recently, a new association was created “ The Friends of The Foundry »: a support group in its influence, its communication, its visibility. “Friends” who will lead new projects for the future and sustainability, create artist residencies, etc. Do everything to support the Fontenay-sous-Bois group, leave them entirely to their imagination and inventiveness, provide access to all visitors to a moment of enchantment in situ.

Immediate: “Print Festival” from May 22 to 30, 2021.

Coming soon and throughout the year: Heritage, Architecture and Artistic Crafts Days

In the pipeline: website redesign.

The Foundry and transmission

Marion L. has long been Vice-President of the association. His mandate ended only a few days ago, but his whole spirit and heart remain. That’s how it is, concerned with transmission, the “elders” who yesterday were pulling, today are pushing. Always present in the office, close to decision-making, they provide generational energy. They hand over to the younger ones.  

“Despite the particular context, you have to know that we are doing well” our inspiration for this session is surprised by the synchronicity of the “New World” for The Foundry Also which continues to build in a virtuous circle, conscious time that should no longer be wasted.

The Foundry pays tribute

A final word from Marion Legouy who would like to pay tribute to two people: the owner who lived and worked on site and Dominique Haldenwang-Follenfant, painter who lived opposite.

One day in 2006 a “FOR RENT” sign changed the course of things.




Marion Legouy, French artist, graduate of Beaux-Arts de Paris, lives and works in the Paris region.
Instagram: lafonderiefontenay
Facebook: La Fonderie – Center for artistic creation

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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