A fabric that is good for you: SUPERLYCRA

We have already said it, the aficionadas are already convinced. And the new followers? What about future fans? Come on, let's watch the video again which says it all in 1 min 30.

We're starting again just to make sure we don't let you miss out.

Brigitte and François developed this original material more than 10 years ago. So we know what we're talking about! Addicts all agree to say it loud and clear: when hiking, cycling, in the garden, at yoga, at the office, shopping, traveling, with an aperitif. He is the accomplice at all times!

Very flexible, relaxed, the SUPER LYCRA knows how to hold itself in all circumstances! Nothing to blame him for, he assures. Sit in style, move in a casual chic way, dance cool and smart, stretch relaxed, lie down and get up without being seen or known.

In the chest of drawers or in the suitcase, it's difficult to choose: the shapes are impeccable without exception. Essential complement to counterbalance the printed or embroidered. And the colors, have you seen the brilliance of the colors? Always a shade to match with a top or bottom.

SUPER LYCRA is easy to maintain; a little care is enough. Follow the recommendations on your clothing label. It will last stretch and comfort, light as a feather. It will dry without wasting your time; you might win some as it hardly creases.

Thanks to you, the SUPERLYCRA collection is in production!

Are you cracking up? Do you know the principle of the waiting list?

It is possible that at the end of deliveries, we may have stock remaining following cancellations or exchanges. Contact us to find out if there are any pieces of this creation left. This does not commit you in any way! To do this, simply contact us by email at the following address lacreation@artist-lamarque.com Please specify the desired items, with the size, as well as your name, address and telephone number. We will get back to you as quickly as possible to inform you if your items are available.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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