A stroke of genius at ARTIST


A new session dedicated to the brilliant plain material SUPER LYCRA is coming!

Don't miss the pre-orders from December 2 to 11, 2022.

On the agenda:

5 colors and 5 patterns plain colors matching previous and future collections.

 Enough to have fun making beautiful combinations!

At the beginning of March 2023, ARTISTwill deliver to your home the superLycra pieces that will launch spring, show off all summer, and still perform well in fall. Flexible and relaxed, its success is legendary in the summer season as well as in the intermediate seasons.

Can we tell you more?
- 1 pants 7/8It is
- 1 capri pants
- 1 long short to be shortened (side tab)
- 1 dress straps, square collar
- 1 short spencer-style jacket


Do we make you want even more?

Know how to counterbalance the ARTIST print or embroidery with an intense, very soft or bright plain.

Find the right shade and combine high and low, this year again you will be spoiled for choice between:

 Navy blue, deep and timeless, it is much classier than classic.

Ocean, full of good vibes, it suggests relaxation.

Carmine, sensual or glamorous, it does not go unnoticed.

Beige, in reference to softness and naturalness.

Grey, calm and mysterious to temper the fanciful vibes of ARTIST.

 The superLycra is the big winner in adaptability, reigning champion in all categories of comfort. To choose, there will be sport!

Incomparable soft touch, undeniable assets, the fabric lends itself perfectly to the impeccable cut of this latest wardrobe designed in Burgundy.

Equipped with unrivaled technical characteristics, it is the accomplice of all your gestures and movements, at every moment, in every situation. Sit, stand, lie down, move in every direction, it always comes back to its place!

Featherweight in luggage, it invites you to travel. To slalom, sail, study, stretch, shop, cook, toast and laugh, embrace its elasticity.

Made by a renowned Italian weaver, this prodigious textile consists of:

 68% cotton for the touch,
28% polyamide for strength
and 4% Lycra for comfort.


LYCRA®, a trademark registered by the DuPont company, is never used alone. This elastane fiber (generic term) benefits from a worldwide reputation in terms of reliability and performance. It can stretch up to 5-8 times and return to its original state time and time again. Its contribution obviously makes a garment more stretchy.

As for the polyamide, very resistant, it is almost tear-proof, even wet. This strength of the fiber does not contradict its high quality of morphological adaptation, which gives non-deformable creations.

The secret of superLycra lies in the fineness of the mixed yarns of this construction, ultimately particularly robust and yet so light.

Living in superLycra and maintaining it while reducing environmental impact, is it possible?

To preserve its stretch and comfort properties, follow the recommendations on the label of your garment.

  • Air your clothes and clean stains by hand, reduce the number of washes,
  • Wash your clothes in the machine on delicate mode, short program,
  • Reduce the spin speed,
  • Air dry (without direct exposure to sunlight)
  • Iron with a gentle iron (not essential as it creases little)

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Agnès Berthelin

    Moi non plus.Rien reçu contrairement à d’habitude.
    A priori, souci commun à plusieurs personnes.

  • Lefebvre

    Idem pour moi: fidèle cliente et pas reçu d’infos pour les précommandes superlycra uni

  • Anne Lhermitte

    J’abandonne la présentation en direct de ce dimanche 4 décembre. Trop de problèmes avec la connexion. Et cela ne vient pas de chez moi.

  • Martine Champel

    Je suis une fidèle cliente et je n’ai pas reçu les infos sur cette collection

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