The Botania session inspired by Florence Nérisson’s floral and spring canvas is coming to an end. Let’s make the pleasure last longer in the company of this artist, in her sky-high world. 


How do you explore the theme of nature, which is very present in your work?

“I have this almost vital need to translate the delicacy of vegetation, of flowers in particular, of sensations such as the fragility of humanity.

Fragments of nature from reality, flora, botany are all pretexts to take the viewer towards a dreamlike, meditative universe. Once he enters the canvas, he can project his own fantasies, his optical illusions, his personal visions, all into his own emptiness.”


How does a painting session take place?

 “Each painting is like a flash. I attach a lot of importance to intensity in the act of painting. Conditioning is necessary; the ritual of putting on my appropriate clothes for example, but not only that. At the start, I immerse myself in my subject, I make it mine. When I feel fully absorbed, I can give free rein to my sensations, to the images that arise; concentrated and paradoxically so available, relaxed, instinctive.

I try to take a poetic path. Poetry for me is often nestled in a detail, the trace of the brush, an impasto which attracts the light…”

The duo Brigitte and François were well advised by this evocation and were able to bring out its quintessence.

We recognize the house spirit of Artist: colorful, variegated, composite atmosphere; touches of multico sparkles. Originality of fabrics that vibrate with patterns and light; careful details of personalized buttons…

Under the spell of this new story, we sing the colors of time. We are sensitive to this constellation of petals; to this botanical garden on the borders of a poetic spring.

Through her drippings, Florence Nérisson splashes her canvas, waters it, perfumes it.

The painter remains a guest on our site until Sunday February 28.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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