ARTIST sale: 3 NEW days!

Neon post-it on the fridge, cross in the diary, all methods are good to block out a moment for yourself. This year, the Easter weekend will not only be a family dinner, a garden party, an egg hunt and a chocolate rabbit... ARTIST you organize a surprise!

Very exceptionally, for 3 days: Friday April 15, Saturday April 16 and Sunday April 17, you will be able to order and receive within 3 to 6 days!

The concept obviously remains the same! But ARTIST is having a special sale this weekend.


Quick summary :

Usually, each new collection is the subject of a session dedicated to the theme presented. After 10 days of opening online, pre-orders determine the volume of productions to be launched. These correct quantities are always increased by a few pieces to cover the need for size exchanges. We’ll talk about it a little further (*) … 12 weeks later – because it takes all this time to make - we put on our new outfit with undisguised joy!

If by chance you have passed the sales deadline, it is always possible to register on the waiting list in case, at the end of the exchanges, the model spotted is finally available!

Most of you know these fundamentals very well and the latest arrivals have already understood everything.

In its moderation of waste, ARTIST constantly seeks to fight against overconsumption.

By agreeing to wait, each co-producing client allows the brand toArt-to-Wear to adjust the quantity manufactured as best as possible and to avoid overproduction.

For each woman who buys consciously, for each new consumer attached to her own gesture for the planet, the pre-order is a eco-responsible promise thatencourages neither waste nor superfluity.

So why this 3 day sale?

ARTIST to measure online sale from April 15 to 17, 2022 the few pieces remaining available (*) from the first 10 collections.

The sun ofOASIS – The Jungle of BAHIA – The deep blue ofUTOPIA – The dreamlike quality of FAIRY – The contemporary art of STORIES – The palette of UNIS SUPERLYCRA – The red PENINSULA – The floral explosion of BOTANICAL – Golden linen, delicate lace I MAKE A WISH – The quirky sportswear of NEW WORLD -

As usual, you have 15 days from receipt for any exchange, subject to stock availability. If this is not possible, we will provide a refund.

The models ARTIST do not lose value. The style, the spirit of the brand are objectively attractive because they are not “dated”.

Yesterday you didn't know yet ARTIST, today try your luck for the dress you thought was lost!

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Michèle M

    Ca y est, je les ai reçus mes produits Unis Superlycra de la vente spéciale – merci pour cette initiative ! Taille parfaite, couleurs fidèles à la présentation ; j’ai hâte de recevoir les produits de la collection Le Port de Cassis à livrer fin mai pour les assortir.

  • Carrot


    Je n’arrive pas à voir comment profiter des reliquats stock. Merci de me renseigner.

  • mallet

    Pourriez-vous me dire quel code il faut faire pour passer commande merci

  • Boehm annick

    Quelle bonne idée ! Je vais essayer d’en profiter !

  • Joan Ott

    Excellente idée, justement, il me manque un pièce Oasis…
    Mais où est le code d’accès pour ce soir 20 heures ?
    Merci de me dire !

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