In Alione's workshop

Another quick visit to the " Port of Cassis » in the company of the artist of the moment Fred ALIONE who explains to you why and how he painted this little jewel sheltered from the Mistral, for your future  wardrobes ARTIST to wear as if you were there!

Equipped with his gloves and his mask, his dog Twixie at his side, to music of course, he quickly sketched the subject with charcoal, arranged the elements, then used the aerosol bombs to place the colored impacts, and surround all of them with black. the contours with acrylic paint.

What he likes above all about the bomb is the freedom to sometimes show 25 strong but never aggressive colors, always in harmony. Above all, he played on all the shades of blue to represent the windows transitioning between the Mediterranean Sea and the softness of the sky. 

“…Nestled at the foot of its cliff,
Here is Cassis, a little steep.
The little port purrs at ease
And its colors pop very loudly..."
Vette de Fonclare  - 2009

Let him see never tires of Gauguin, yet it is the shock of “Jean-Michel Basquiat”, leader of the American graffiti movement on canvas, which has pushed him to paint since 2003. “I like to define myself as a “pressureist” painter because I use the spray painting technique. I am at the crossroads of figurative, realism, illustration, graffiti and comics. I would be very proud to be at the initiative of a new trend. » confides the iconoclastic artist.

A first selection at MacParis in 2009, where he presented work in art brut at the time, allowed him to enter the world of contemporary art through the front door.

In 2014, his series entitled “Lofts” began, scenes of Parisian interiors but also spacious artists’ studios. « My workshop in Châtillon is 12 m2. I dream of working in the studio lofts that I paint. So, with high ceilings, I would no longer have to worry about being able to accommodate all my large formats. »

Many references are hidden in his paintings, from the most discreet crowns on Champagne bottles to paintings freely inspired by Basquiat, integrated as a tribute. Nods to those who inspire him: Jeff Koons, Gustav Klimt, Robert Combas, Pablo Picasso, Le Douanier Rousseau, Piet Mondrian, or even statues of primitive African art. “ What fun is creating details, but I now manage to master the end of my paintings. This is actually the hardest part of painting: knowing when to stop, when to sign at the bottom right.

Comfortably installed in a corner of the living room, you enter the design and sometimes crazy worlds ofLet him see with superb views over the rooftops of Paris. 

Despite the absence of characters, its places are inhabited by plants, cigarettes in the ashtray, a letter on the corner of a table, or even a train ticket... Outside the grayness of the capital with sometimes gray skies, polluted and sometimes luminescent, contrasts with its warm spaces.

One year ago, another positive social media story! The Barrou-Planquart gallery visits his workshop, hangs, cracks and here they are embarked on a wonderful complicity. Same sensitivity, same sense of dazzling color, same enthusiasm for precision of line. Unusual as well as original, his art of luminous and engaged composition triggers refreshing exhibitions.

THE expos to come in 2022 :

Battersea Park London – UK: March 10 to 13
Metropolitan Pavilion New York – USA: March 23 to 27

Galerie Barrou Planquart – Rue de Paris 95680 Montlignon France

Such. : +33 (0)6 82 030 956

Born in 1974, Let him see works in Châtillon in Hauts de Seine (92) – Studies at the Beaux-Arts in Paris where he chooses the specialty of drawing.

By appointment: visit to his workshop. 

Exhibits in France, Europe, Switzerland and the United States.


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Anonymous

    Depuis de nombreux mois je suis votre travail. Que je trouve génial !
    Pourrais je avoir une idée de quelques prix de vos tableaux ? Plutôt ma serie loft et plutôt du grand format ?
    Merci d’avance

  • Anonymous

    Pourrait on connaître le prix ????

  • mjo

    Tout à fait en adéquation avec l’été et les belles couleurs qui nous font défaut en ce moment! Impatiente.

  • Lazarus Joëlle

    Aventures des toiles -Artist : quelle belle continuité dans l’aventure.
    Merci Alione pour cette créativité et ces couleurs qui nous font envie de découvrir la nouvelle collection de Brigitte et François. Impatiente +

  • Debraux liliane

    J’ai acheté la robe qui représente le tableau « une envie d’Australie » du même artiste de chez Aventures des toiles. Originale et colorée Je la porte encore. Cordialement.

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