Confection #PRESQUILE

Hello everyone,

I'm Cécile and, at Artist, I take care of purchasing materials, components and all production monitoring.

I am happy to be able to give you some news about the PRESQU’ÎLE collection.

Everything is under control!

Our fabrics have indeed arrived in our manufacturing workshops.

The printed rolls were cut so that the designs fit precisely where we promised they would.

We have taken care to optimize each yardage, in order to limit any waste of fabric. 

Currently, it is golden hands who have taken over.

Couturiers take the greatest care in making your clothes.

Please note that at the end of the chain, we carry out quality control, so that all parts comply with our requirements.

Below are photos of the different stages of assembling your parts.

 Fitting the right side of the jacket

Assembly of the back of the jacket

Assembling the lapel & the right side of the jacket



This collection will be shipped from our Burgundy warehouses at the end of April

Let's be proud, these 12 weeks of waiting will have allowed us to produce together only the quantities ordered, without intermediaries, without waste, all within a radius of 1500km.

Publié par Cécile Mande, Responsable du suivi de production.

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