Expedition #Stories


Good morning,

Everything went well, and your clothes really came to life.

Did you know that the "Stories" collection really began 8 months ago when we sketched our first sketches, a pencil in our right hand and a coffee in our left?

Then, many steps followed: pattern making, choice of materials, colors, creation of embroidery, prototyping...


A few touch-ups later, on each of the pieces, we were ready for a photo shoot so we could present our creations to you. 

During 10 days you pre-ordered your favorite pieces and became co-producer of this collection.

Without this trust that YOU placed in us, everything that follows would not have been possible. 

Cécile, our production manager, has carefully calculated each meter of fabric, each button, each spool of thread necessary for fair, waste-free production.

For 8 weeks, weavers, fashion accessories producers, spinners, printers took over to provide us with all the raw materials.

Then for 4 weeks the golden hands of tailors cut, assembled and ironed each piece with great care.

Time to put all this in pretty boxes and ship, (step that we do ourselves because we are still a very small team), and your clothes should arrive at your home early next week as we had planned. . 

It is all together that this is possible,

Thank you very much for this beautiful shared story, and we sincerely hope that there will be hundreds more.


Very beautiful day,

Brigitte & François.

Publié par Brigitte Martin, Co-fondratrice d'Artist La marque.