Launch of production #I make a wish

Good morning,
I am Cécile 👩🏼, production manager at Artist.

 Pre-orders ended on April 11 at 8:00 p.m., and we thank you very much for ordering one or more pieces from the “I MAKE A WISH” summer collection.

I reserved a few pieces myself; I love this collection! 😉

Thanks to your pre-order, we will be able to bring this collection to life in the most beautiful way:


Together we offer ourselves the luxury of producing without intermediaries. Like an AMAP, you finance your part directly from our suppliers. 


You have agreed to wait a few weeks before receiving your garment. This small gesture means a lot. Thanks to this pre-order system, we can afford to produce only the quantities ordered, without waste, without overproduction (A slight surplus of 5% of pre-orders will be produced, for rare size exchanges). 


During these 12 weeks of production, we will comment on the main stages of production. You will thus be able to take a look behind the scenes in the production of your garment. 

Come on, here we go!

Here's what we've been doing since last Monday: 

1st step:

We check each of the technical data sheets of the items, to ensure that everything is correctly indicated and that nothing is forgotten when ordering...🧐

  Example: Shirt technical sheet.

Then I create a table with each item. 
This includes all the components of each model (fabric, braid, buttons, zip, iron-on, etc.).

I work in collaboration with our model maker Agnès.🦸🏽‍♀️

We take each model again to ensure the placement of the prints and thus optimize the use of the material. 

Placement of the garment in relation to the fabric design:

All this data is then entered on the table, with the aim of centralizing the information. 🧵

 Then I calculate the necessary quantity of each component of an item, based on the number of pieces ordered.

 Orders are sent to each of our suppliers within 48 hours of the end of pre-orders.🕓

 I must then negotiate a reasonable manufacturing time with each of them, so that the delivery date of the clothes, which we announced to you, is respected.

 This stage of production of our fabrics and supplies can take between 6 to 8 weeks.

 Supplier stages are monitored regularly to ensure that everything is progressing correctly. 📞

 As soon as the delivery dates of my orders are confirmed, I establish a schedule with our manufacturer (assembly stage), so that he reserves production capacity for a given date. The goal is to send all the components (fabrics, buttons, braids, etc.) at once.

 I will come back to you for the next steps…

Beautiful day


Publié par Cécile Mande, Responsable du suivi de production.

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