Pre-orders completed #PRESQUÎLE


First of all, thank you very much. By ordering the PRESQU'ÎLE collection, you helped make its production possible.


As you know, if in the standard circuit production takes place upstream of the sale, we have chosen to only produce once orders have been placed, to avoid any overproduction.


But above all, this system allows you to become co-producer of the collection.

This is why we will share with you, in the coming weeks, each stage of production of your clothes and our know-how. 

By wearing your garment, you will be able to say to yourself: “I participated in its production, and I know all its production stages”


We asked Cécile, (elected by ourselves the “best production manager in the world” according to very objective criteria) to explain to us what has happened since the end of pre-orders for PRESQU'ÎLE.

Needless to say, she hasn't been idle!

We give the floor to Cécile: 

All customer orders are listed to define precise fabric and component needs.

A table is created with each item and each size, in order to list all the components of each model (fabric, zip, buttons, iron-on, etc.)

Tuesday, January 26th
We go over each item one last time with the pattern maker, to ensure the correct placement of the fabrics and thus optimize the use of the material. All accessories and components are also checked in the same way.


Placement of the garment in relation to the fabric design:

All this data is then entered into the summary table that I created in order to centralize the information.

Wednesday, January 27 

Next comes the calculation of the components necessary to produce all the items.

I enter in my table, item by item, then size by size, all the items sold.

Once the number of useful components has been identified, we order the items from our French or Italian suppliers (within 48 hours).

 I negotiate the best delivery date in order to be on time for your deliveries, knowing that some of our suppliers require up to 6 to 8 weeks of production.

Then every week, I follow up, supplier by supplier, in order to know the progress of the order. Everything must arrive on the agreed date, so that I can make a single shipment to our manufacturer.

Rest assured, for the moment everything is going well!

Thank you for your trust,

Production manager


Publié par Cécile Mande, Responsable du suivi de production.

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