Receipt of fabrics and accessories

Good morning,

I'm Cécile, production manager at Artist.


I'm very busy at the moment because we have several collections in production, and we are working hard with the teams to anticipate the back-to-school collections. 


Production always begins well in advance, it is prepared and scheduled.

I listen to the wishes of Brigitte & François from their first stages of creating collections.

When they define the pieces that will make up a collection, I analyze all the technical sheets in detail in order to make clever calculations of needs. 

I then contact the suppliers several months before the pre-orders to be sure that we are given a place in their schedule the day after the pre-orders.


Whether for accessories makers, weavers or clothing workshops, these suppliers have very tight deadlines to respect so that we can deliver to you on the promised dates.


It is therefore essential for me to anticipate well.


Regarding your pieces from the “LE NOUVEAU MONDE” collection, we have received the fabrics and accessories.


- I checked the quality of the fabrics, so that it meets our expectations.

- Irechecked the colorimetryof each of the pieces,as well as the quality & placement of the prints.

- Finally I analyzed and recounted all the accessories. (It would be a shame if some buttons were missing 😅 )


We have worked with suppliers for many years, and whose rigor we know. Rare are the times where we observe problems, and once again, everything is perfect in my eyes! 😍


So rest assured, your pieces will be superb.

Everything is on its way to our manufacturing workshops to be assembled. This stage will begin Monday at 8:00 a.m. and is expected to take several weeks.

Delivery will therefore be made as promised at the beginning of September.


NB: I love writing to you (I would also like to take more time for that) and I hope that you also enjoy discovering the process of creating your clothes.

Rare are the brands that allow their teams to come into contact with their aficionados.

Thanks to this pre-order format I have the feeling of being with a whole team of collaborators (you), and I find that extremely enriching!

Publié par Cécile Mande, Responsable du suivi de production.

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