Receipt of #PRESQUILE fabrics

Hello everyone,

I'm Cécile and I take care of purchasing materials, components and all production monitoring at Artist.

I'll give you some news from session 7 PRESQU'ILE.

We have received the fabrics & supplies, and everything is in order!

Above: Plain Red Fabric for the jacket and pants and Printed Fabrics


The piping for the Top and the Marinière are the  cords which will give a nice finish. It is inserted between the 2 tissues.

The other accessories such as buttons, shoulder pads, elastic, woven claws, size chips, etc. have also arrived in our Burgundy warehouses.

As a reminder, all these products were produced in France or Italy.

All of it will leave today to our manufacturer who will begin production next week.

I will come back to you with some photos of production monitoring.

Have a nice day and see you soon!




Publié par Cécile Mande, Responsable du suivi de production.

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