Artist of the month


The OASIS collection was designed from this painting.

Mathilde de bellecombe, tableau Oasis

It was imagined and created by MATHILDE DE BELLECOMBE.


The poetic painting of Mathilde de Bellecombe takes us on a personal, tender and distant journey. She opens the doors of her world wide to us and even if the artist questions the multiple "possible paths" that are available to our lives, it is with elegant assurance and great pictorial mastery that she invites us to the journey. It's up to you to decide which path you will take. Let your imagination run wild...

The Artist team is very appreciative of the talented colorist that she is. We also like to hear his words on the subject:

“Colors that flash under the southern sun of my childhood, the sweetness of life and the pleasures of everyday life, inner journeys and dreams from elsewhere are the first sources of my inspiration. I like to work with materials and color contrasts to explore contradictory emotions, between energy and softness, serenity and imbalance. An intimate journey that opens me towards infinity. »

After a childhood in the south of France and a degree in Interior Architecture and Design at the Camondo school (Paris), Mathilde de Bellecombe trained in painting. Very inspired by light and color, the artist continues her work in Argentina, Iran and today in Casablanca in Morocco where she is based.


She exhibits regularly in France.

Discover all his work on his site: