"It was my first experience, I'm so happy, very good quality. It's certain that we no longer want to buy unique pieces. Thank you very much!" Angela on 04/11/22

Do you want to pre-order your first piece on Artist?

We are delighted! But we know that placing a first pre-order can be intimidating and confuse you about your online purchasing habits.

In 5 minutes, we will try to answer all the questions you might have about our brand and this new production system which overturns the codes of fashion.

1 - What is Artist? 

Artist is a French brand created in 2020 by ourselves, Brigitte Martin & François Gadrey, both passionate about art and fashion.

Our concept is simple: take inspiration from a work of art to create unique clothing collections with an ideal: the difference.

2 - Why do I have to wait 3 months to receive my garment? 

Artist only produces from a pre-order. That is to say that you order the garment from us and then we launch the production of it.

3 - It’s long! Why work with this pre-order system?

Yes, we grant you, it’s a little longer than the norm! But patience allows many beautiful things:

  • The pre-order is responsible for:
    - Pre-ordering allows us to ONLY produce the quantities ordered, so we avoid any waste and overproduction.
    - We have almost non-existent stocks, and most of the parts we have left are sold.

  • Pre-ordering allows financial independence, and therefore creative independence:
    We finance the production together. Like an AMAP, the money goes directly to producers without needing to use a bank. We are completely financially independent thanks to this system. This allows us to freely create clothing that falls outside of conventional fashion norms.

  • Pre-ordering allows you to become aware of:
    We keep you informed of all stages of your production, for the first time you will be at the heart of the production of your garment.

4 - Why do I have a limited time to pre-order this item of clothing?

This allows us to close orders fairly quickly in order to devote ourselves more quickly to production! Approximately every 6 weeks, a collection inspired by a work of art is revealed. You have a 10-day window to pre-order and become a co-producer of this collection. At the end of these 10 days, Cécile, our production manager, counts all the pre-orders and launches production.

5 - Are the clothes quality?

4.7/5 is the rating given to ARTIST by its co-producers. We attach great importance to the quality of clothing and work with trusted partners. Click here to see our customer reviews.

6 - Are the clothes produced appropriate for the season?

Obviously, the clothing offered is sized upon receipt. =>For example, at the beginning of March you can pre-order summer clothes, since they will be delivered at the end of May)

7 - Where are your clothes produced?

Our production is carried out within a perimeter of less than 1500 km around Burgundy.
100% of fabrics and accessories are French or Italian.
The manufacturing (cutting of fabrics & assembly) is carried out in Tunisia in workshops with which we have worked for more than 20 years.

8 - Why is it not 100% French?

The complexity of the pieces we create often requires long hours of production. We visited French workshops whose know-how met our expectations; after cost studies, it would have been necessary to quadruple our prices, which we did not wish to do.

9 - How does payment work?

You can pay by credit card in 1 installment or in 3 installments free of charge. All payments are extremely secure. We do not have access to your banking data.

10 - What are the delivery costs?

In France, delivery is made by Colissimo to your home or to a relay point according to your wishes. She is always free.

10 - I don't like the item of clothing I received or it doesn't fit me, can I get a refund or exchange it?

Yes, you have 15 days from delivery to return or exchange it.
Please note that we produce 5% additional clothing to compensate for potential size exchanges. So no worries!

Finally, know that we are available to answer any additional questions

  • By telephone on 03 73 35 51 53 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • By chat by clicking on the orange bubble at the bottom right of your screen from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • By mail to lacreation@artist-lamarque.com all the time!